NADD Regionals Information for Competitors


The overall feedback from 2020 regionals was very positive. Going forward into the 2021 season NADD will host 6 regional events in the US (NE, SE, NW, SW, NC, SC) and 1 in Canada.


Regional Dates & Location
SouthWest - July 30 - Aug 1, 2021 - Prescott, AZ

NorthCentral - August 20 - 22, 2021 - Amana, IA
SouthEast - Aug 27-29, 2021 - Perry, GA 

Canada - Aug 27-29 -Winnipeg, 

NorthWest - Sept 10-12, 2021 - Corning, CA

NorthEast - Sept 10-12, 2021 - Willimantic, CT

SouthCentral - Sept 10-12, 2021 - Nacogdoches, TX 



There are 3 ways to earn an invite to REGIONALS
1. Having placed 1st - 3rd at any of the 2020 Regionals in a discipline AND have 15 splashes (and/or 5 AR/HD)  in the 2021 season prior to registering for a 2021 Regionals
2. Placing 1st - 3rd at a 2021 Qualifier AND having 15 splashes in the season in the 2021 season prior to registering for a 2021 Regionals
       a. At any qualifier, invites will roll down if the higher finishing dog entered the event with an invite currently.
       b. Starting in the 2021 season, due to the growth of the Veteran Division, NADD will start awarding an invite to the TOP finishing Veteran Open dog in each distance division at any qualifier. (This is for OPEN DISTANCE only and does not roll down)
3. Earning an Advance or Excellent title in the current season AND having 15 splashes in the season.

The minimum required splashes for the 2021 season are:
       ● Distance 15 splashes
       ● AR 5 splashes
       ● HD 5 splashes

Once an invite is earned you can go to any regional and attend multiple regionals but can only place 1st-3rd in a discipline (AR/HD/Distance) at one regional. If you place at another regional that placement will roll down.

● Registration for each regional will open 1 month prior to the first date of the event. Registration will close the Tuesday prior to the start date of a Regionals at 11:59 CST
● A dog must take all distance splashes on the same day but can sign up for the other disciplines on different days (or the same day) if spots are available.
        ○ Example - Distance splashes on friday, AR on Saturday and HD on Sunday.

Run Order

● Will be the same at 2020 Regionals, only difference is you can choose which day you want to do each of the disciplines you entered in. (both distance splashes have to be done the same day)
● Run order will be set by dog's name, repeated for same day distance jumps. Order will vary (still alphabetical by dog) for HD and AR due to different dogs participating.
● Schedule for the day will be HydroDash, Distance than Air Retrieve Jumping Regionals format would be an average of 2 splashes and season average for distance.
● The actual score for splashes #1 & 2. The 3rd score is the dogs 2021 season average.
● No allowance for going over your Regionals division. If your average of 3 splashes puts you in a higher division that’s where you place.
● If your average is in a lower division than your invite, you will not be bumped down into the lower division.
● Only allow practice during the first distance splash. No practice for HD or AR
● 3 min on the dock
● HD and AR will run the same as last year. Best score wins with standard tiebreakers. 



● Rosette awarded to the top 3 dogs in each division.
● Top 3 placements earn invites to the National Showcase. (can only place in one regional, placements will roll down)



● $65 for distance splashes 
● Payment is required at time of registration.



Regionals Competitor Guide


Running orders posted on Wednesday
Check in 1 hr before HD, 1 hr before Distance, 2 hr before AR
(before your proposed splash time)

Tentative Schedule

8:00 am Hydrodash
10am-5:30pm  Distance
5:30-8  Air Retrieve

We are running in Alphabetical order (Only adjustment is to back to back dogs. The second dog can move 5 or less dogs down the list.  But stays in same run order. Same run order for the second splash of the day.
If you miss your turn, you forfeit your turn


No practice time during the event :  before, during or after  

Hydrodash Reminders
Briefings online and live

  • Judge says “OnYourRelease or Yep” when the toy is ready and the team is on the dock-
  • Once toy is ready, team can request splash.(max of 3)  It will not be asked by judges.  
  • 10 & 7 ft marked on railing with red (open) and green (lap) tape
  • Read and know the official rules


Distance Protocol

  • 3 mins total and practice jump only during the first splash
  • return toy once per splash by someone other than a judge
  • Read and know the official rules 


Air Retrieve
Briefings online and live

  •  Rig operator says ready when toy is set at correct distance
  •  You will be timed
  • Rig operator will swing toy out ONLY when requested.
  • No wiggling or moving rig/toy to help the team on the dock
  • No bumper requests - yellow bumpers, sanitized between uses

    Jr Handlers
  •  Can participate in Regionals or companion event.  If in Regionals they are eligible for standard placements.   
  • There are no JR placements. Only participation ribbons.  
  • must submit the Jr Handler name with dog name to admin for invite to Showcase.
  • must have registered in advance, no day of for Jr. Handlers


Top 3 in each open distance division get a ribbon. 

A dog can only place once per discipline across all regionals.


Distance  2 splashes and season average (shown on scoreboard)

AR and HD - Best score wins with standard tiebreakers.
Scores will be posted at the end of each day.

Tie Breakers: If dogs are tied in the Final Rankings:

  • 1st tie Breaker: Longest jump at Regionals
  • 2nd Tie Breaker: 2nd longest  jump at Regionals
  • 3rd Tie Breaker: Higher Recent average
  • 4th Tie Breaker: Higher Season Average.

Each dog will compete in the assigned day of competition and the score from that day will be used in the Final Rankings
Dogs will be required to start at a distance NO LOWER than 1 foot below their  RECENT AVERAGE.

  • Tie Breakers: If dogs are tied in the Final Rankings:
    • 1st Tie Breaker: Dog with the least number of overall misses
    • 2nd Tie Breaker: Dog with the higher first miss
    • 3rd Tie Breaker: HIgher Recent average.
    • 4th Tie Breaker: Higher Season Average.
    • No jump off, if tied here, they both get the invite

Each dog will compete in the assigned day of competition and the score from that day will be used in the Final Rankings.

  • Tie Breakers: If dogs are tied in the Final Rankings: 
    • 1st Tie Breaker: Next fastest score on the 2nd run of the Splash.
    • 2nd Tie Breaker: Higher Recent average.
    • 3rd Tie Breaker: Higher Season Average.


Awards will be given for:

  • Top 3 Premier , Elite, Master, Senior, Junior and Novice in Open Distance
  • Top 3 Elite, Master, Senior, Junior and Novice in Lap Distance, 
  • Top 3 Open Veteran Distance, Open & Lap AR, and Open & Lap HD.
  • Youth participants get participation ribbons



Lap dogs must be verified

We are still giving out Q and title ribbons
No jumping in the pool
If you miss your turn, you forfeit your turn


NADD National Showcase Information For Competitors


The purpose for the National Showcase is to have a memorable experience that celebrates their achievement throughout the year.


Where and When:
     When: October - October 27-31, 2021
     Where: Ozark Empire Fairgrounds, Springfield, MO



How do I get invited:

       ● Place in the top 25% per division from overall regionals results
       ● 2021 1st - 3rd Regionals Placements
       ● 2020 Nationals 1st - 3rd winners + 15 splashes or 5 for HD and AR

       ● 2020 Regionals 1st - 3rd winners in any division + 15 splashes (must attend regionals). 
       ● Top 10 overall in each division +15 splashes  

       ● #1 in Breed +15 splashes
       ● Top 1st - 5th dog in each division at the last chance qualifiers held the two days before. (still need to have had 15 splashes in the 2021 season)
       Veteran Dogs -
       ● Veteran invites - top 25% or minimum of ten (per open distance division) will be invited from their participation in 2021 Regionals

  • Top ten (per open distance division) will receive an invite, based on their season average divisional ranking at the end of the season.
    (do not need to attend Regionals)

  ● Veterans who placed in the top 3 of the 2020 Nationals get an automatic invite to the 2021 National Showcase and do not need to attend regionals

  •   Veterans who placed in top 3 at a 2020 Regionals get an invite to the National Showcase and must attend 2021 Regionals.   
      * Veteran dogs may only compete in the veteran division at regionals and nationals.  The veterans division is only available in Open Distance.   (Not Lap, not HD or AR)


Youth - Must participate as the handler of merit for both splashes at regionals or enter the youth companion event at regionals and complete one splash as the handler of merit.   This earns an invite to the National Showcase in the Youth Handler division.



The Classic Last Chance & The Classic Qualifier
Right before the National Showcase, NADD will run a last chance qualifier event called, The Classic Last Chance. This is open to all dogs. The top 5 dogs in each division will earn a spot in the National Showcase.
        ● All registrations are prepaid.
        ● Dogs must have 15/5/5 splashes for the season to accept the 1-5th placement invite to the National showcase. We will roll down.
        ● Wednesday and Thursday will be a last chance qualifier for the National Showcase.
        ● Sunday will be The Classic Bonus Qualifier for the 2022 season. Placing 1st - 3rd  on Sunday will earn you an invite directly to the 2022 Showcase event (still need to attend a Regionals for score only)

COVID continues to affect our lives. NADD has made these plans knowing full well that we could need to alter events as COVID requirements dictate. We will keep you posted if any changes need to be made to any of our events.

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