NADD Mobile Dock Host Requirements

In order to host a mobile dock, NADD mobile docks require certain accommodations.


Required Space for Event


The dock is 8 ft wide by 45 ft long. The pool is 25 ft wide by 45 ft long. The basic overall space needed to accommodate the pool & dock is 40 ft wide by 100 ft long. This area must be level and flat,  with an area for the water to drain to nearby. This required area does NOT include the needed space for competitor staging, admin/check-in, crating space for competitors etc. (Note: If an event is to be held indoors, there are many factors that must be addressed PRIOR to booking the event. Please contact your NADD representative to discuss these.) 

All events must be at least 3 days to be considered.



Event Requirements


  • Power: NADD must have access to a power source within a reasonable distance. We can run extension cords, but need power for sound system, filters, and computers for registration.
  • Water: The event host is responsible for the cost of water and setting up delivery. Our standard pool requires about 26,000 gallons of water. This can usually be accomplished through contacting a local Fire Department to have them pump water through a nearby hydrant. Every department is different, but most will charge a fee by metering the water as it fills the pool. This is a cost that can be covered through sponsorship or donations. Sometimes the city or local government will donate the water also.
  • Access: NADD must have easy vehicular access to the event and the event area. Also, some competitors will want to drive up to unload crates, EZ-Up tents, and other gear. The event area should be clearly marked and information provided with access points.
  • Registration: NADD will offer online pre-registration in the weeks before the event and also on-site registration during the event. NADD will set up a registration tent and provide Waivers and Releases for ALL competitors to sign. (For information on NADD rules, please check our Rulebook).
  • Vendors: NADD welcomes vendors to set up in the area near the pool, if approved by the event host. This is a great way to cover costs for the host, as dock diving usually draws a lot of spectators. Charging vendor fees helps reduce or cover any costs the host may have accrued (water, etc.).  On occasions, the official NADD sponsor may be onsite. As a partner of NADD,  they will be setting up a vendor tent near the pool. 
  • Cost: As NADD strives to get more dogs involved in the sport of dock jumping, we try to keep our overhead costs as low as possible. The more an event host can do to help us reduce costs on the forefront, this allows NADD to reduce the upfront fees. Also, to help us ensure we can cover the cost of facilitating the event, we require at least 200-250 dogs be pre-registered (or a deposit will be required). This is an estimated number of competitors that allows us to establish our costs through registration fees.
  • Event Dates:  To be considered the event must be at least 3 days.




Event Schedule


NADD will discuss event scheduling with the event host prior to posting the event. The basic schedule will be Splashes during the day with Air Retrieve & Hydrodash (when offered) at the end of the competition day. Make-up jumps will always be available immediately following the last splash of the day. If an event wants to offer practice times for competitors , this can be arranged during discussion of event setup, but must be listed on the schedule prior to posting the event on the NADD website. (Please note, there is plenty of Open Dock time for new people who have purchased Try-It slots and competitors practice throughout each day also.)


NOTE: The NADD Schedule is completed approximately 1 year in advance. So, please reach out as soon as possible for event inquiries. 


If you are interested in hosting a NADD Mobile Dock please complete fill out the Request a Mobile Dock.

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