2024 Run information and Scoring for Regionals

2024 Run information and scoring for Regionals


All Regionals will run in the following order each day


Hydro Dash

Distance 1st Splash

Jr Handlers

Distance 2nd Splash

Air Retrieve


All briefings are mandatory so that we can have participants sign wavers, take a roll call, check run order and get AR start distances. 


All Disciplines are run is Z-A order. You must jump in the posted order or you will forfeit that turn. The only exception to Z-A order is when a handler (primary handler not holder) has a conflict with another dog they own. In those cases we will move the second dog down so there is 5 dogs in between them. The run order will be posted the day before and if something is missed the mandatory briefing is your last chance to make adjustments. 


Start times are an ESTIMATE. It is the competitors responsibility to keep track of the boards and briefing times. We will communicate via email, facebook and onsite announcements. 


Rules for each discipline


  • Distance
    • May only take a practice on your first splash of the day. 
    • Dogs are ranked according to their longer score of the 2 splashes. If there is a tie the following protocol will be used:

      2nd Longest splash score

      Higher Recent Average.

      Higher Season Average.

  • Air Retrieve
    • no practice
    • Can start no less then 1 ft below your SEASON average (minimum distance for Open is 6', Lap 4')
    • Dogs are ranked according to their highest grab from their splash. (dogs must have at least 1 successful grab to place)

      If there is a tie, the following protocol will be used:

      Least number of overall misses.

      Higher first miss.

      Higher Recent Average.

      Higher Season Average.

  • Hydro Dash
    • no practice (although there never is)
    • Dogs are ranked according to their best (fastest) score from their splash, which is defined as the lowest non-zero score. If there is a tie, the following protocol will be used:

      Next fastest score on the 2nd run of the Splash.

      Fastest Recent Average.

      Fastest Season Average.


Standings will be posted each night at the event. 


Ribbons will be presented at the end of competition on the last day of that event. (please give the admin folks time to double check scores) 
It's the competitors responsibility to pick up their ribbons or make arraignments for someone else to. We will not ship them.

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