Jr Handler Program for Regionals & National Championship

Junior Handlers have multiple options to compete in both Regionals and the National Championship in Distance Jumping. Please be sure to read the information carefully so you are aware of how to register and compete.


To Qualify for Nationals all Junior Handlers needs to compete in at least 1 of the Jr. Handler Regional events. They may compete in both the Junior Handler event AND the regular Regional splash for Distance Jumping. There is no option for Junior Handler invites for HD or AR only DJ. 


Only the Junior Handler Regional events will count towards a juniors invite to the Junior Handler National Championship. Juniors must be handler of merit for the Junior handler event and present their signed form that they have jumped the dog they are competing with at least 10 splashes in the regular season. This form can be found in the rule book. 
If they also compete in the regular Regional event they will be competing with the adults for a spot in the National Championship.  



Junior Handlers must register in advance. There will be no day of registration accepted. Please be sure to be aware of which event you are registering for.


If they register for the Junior Handler Regional Event, this means the handler will earn a qualifying spot towards the Junior Handler National Championship.


If the Junior Handler registers for the regular distance jumping, they will be placed and potentially earn a qualifying spot towards the National Championship to compete in the regular DJ event.


Jr. Handlers can enter both the JR. Handler event AND the regular regionals event.


Registration for the Junior Handler Regional Event is specific to each regional. If you are not sure where to register or find this information, please check with the mobile dock that is running each event.


Check In

Junior handlers should check in with admin and let them know that they are the handler of merit for either the Junior Handler event or the Regional DJ event. It is important to verify this information to be sure that admin has the proper info to send National Championship invites to the junior handlers.


Competition and Scoring

The run order (for the Junior Handler event) will be posted on the Wednesday before the regional event. Junior Handlers (for the Junior Handler event) will jump before the rest of Dock Jumping.


Junior handlers can have an additional handler on the dock, but they must be the handler of merit (throwing the toy). Junior Handlers follow the same rules as Dock Jumping..


Placement and Ribbons

For the Junior Handler Regional event, there are no placements. Each junior competing in the Junior Handler Regional event will receive a qualifier ribbon for their jump.


If Junior Handlers participate in the Regular Regional Event, they will be placed along with all other distance jump competitors for placements.


Qualifying for National Championship

In order to qualify for the Junior Handler National Championship, junior handlers MUST participate in the Junior Handler Regional event. All juniors who compete in the JH regional event will earn an invite towards the National Championship in Springfield, MO.



Check In

Please be sure to notify admin upon check in that you are checking in for the Junior Handler showcase. We will need the handler’s name upon check in. Teams must have been preregistered in order to jump in the Junior Handler National Showcase. We will not accept on site registration.



Junior Handlers will jump on Saturday before finals. There will not be a finals for Junior Handlers. Junior Handler scoring is not based on HD or AR, only DJ.



Junior Handler scores are determined by the team’s best jump distance in the Junior Handler National Championship. From that score, for calculation purposes, the Junior Handler’s score will be compared to the rest of the National Championship to see where that team would hypothetically rank in a placement of ALL dogs jumping in that same division. Based on that team’s ranking, a percentile will be calculated using rank divided by total number of dogs in that division.


Points are then given based on that percentile.


Placement will be based on points. Placement will not be by division.


Junior Handler Placement Percentile Chart

Top 10% - 10pts

11-20% - 9pts

21-30% - 8pts

31-40% - 7pts

41-50% - 6pts

51-60% - 5pts

61-70% - 4pts

71-80% - 3pts

81-90% - 2pts

91-100% - 1pt


In case of a tiebreaker, the team’s seasonal average ranking will be calculated into a percentile of ALL seasonal ranked dogs in your division using that same chart.



Results and awards will be given at the Awards ceremony on Saturday.  If you are unable to attend the awards will be available for pickup after the ceremony  is over.  All awards must be picked up at Nationals. We will not mail them. 




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