Championship Event Details

The Championships will be held Dec 14th-16th. We have added a 3rd day this year.

The schedule will be:

Friday Dec 14th AR-Both Open and Lap

Saturday Dec 15th Open

Sunday Dec 16th Lap and Veteran


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The 2018 NADD Competition Year will run from Oct 16th, 2017 until Oct 15th, 2018. At midnight on Oct 15th, 2018, all scores, rankings and invites are frozen.

  • ALL dogs that receive invites will be required to have completed:
    • OPEN (Including Lap & Veteran): at least 15 jumps throughout the competition year.
    • AIR RETRIEVE: at least 5 jumps throughout the competition year.
  • Each dog that earns an invite based on the criteria below MUST have the minimum listed competition jumps (15 Open or 5 Air Retrieve) throughout the 2018 season. If a dog does not have the required jumps for 2018 by midnight of Oct 15th 2018, any earned invite will be forfeited.
  • All invites will be sent out no later than Oct 22nd, 2018. Each invitee will have until Nov 5th 2018 to accept.
  • Due to the raising costs of events, the 2018 invites will cost $70.00 for each invite.
  • The 2018 Championships will be run the same as the 2017.
    • We will use the Plus 1 jumping system for finals.
    • We will have the CAP system in place. (18 inches for Open, 12 inches for Lap)
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