Championship Event Details

The 2018 NADD Competition Year will run from Oct 16th, 2017 until Oct 15th, 2018. At midnight on Oct 15th, 2018, all scores, rankings and invites are frozen.

  • ALL dogs that receive invites will be required to have completed:
    • OPEN (Including Lap & Veteran): at least 15 jumps throughout the competition year.
    • AIR RETRIEVE: at least 5 jumps throughout the competition year.
  • Each dog that earns an invite based on the criteria below MUST have the minimum listed competition jumps (15 Open or 5 Air Retrieve) throughout the 2018 season. If a dog does not have the required jumps for 2018 by midnight of Oct 15th 2018, any earned invite will be forfeited.
  • All invites will be sent out no later than Oct 22nd, 2018. Each invitee will have until Nov 5th 2018 to accept.
  • Due to the raising costs of events, the 2018 invites will cost $70.00 for each invite.
  • The 2018 Championships will be run the same as the 2017.
    • We will use the Plus 1 jumping system for finals.
    • We will have the CAP system in place.
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