NADD Regionals Qualifying Information for Competitors


 in 2023 NADD will host 6 regional events in the USA  (NE, SE, NW, SW, NC, SC ) and 3 in Canada.


Regional Dates & Location

SouthCentral -  Sept 1-3 , Longview, TX

SouthWest - Aug 25-27, Las Cruces, NM

NorthCentral - Sept 7-10, Amana, IA
SouthEast - Aug 24-27, Perry, GA 

NorthWest - Sept 8-10 Auburn, WA 

NorthEast - Sept 8-10, Franklin, CT 


Aug 26, Calgary, AB - Western Regionals

Sept 2, Uxbridge, ON  - Central Regionals
Sept 9, Stewiacke, NS - Eastern Regionals



To get an invite to 2023 Regionals:


  • Place in the top 3 of any division (open and lap)  in any discipline (Distance, Air Retrieve and/or Hydrodash) at a 2023 Qualifier event. (Invites roll down)  They do not determine the division you compete in at Regionals
  •  Top veteran in each open division also earns an invite (does not roll down if Vet is in the top 3)
  •  Place in the top 3 at a 2022 Regionals 
  • Earn an advanced or excellent title during the 2023 season




Division placement for the 2023 Regionals will be determined by: The dog’s season average on the closing date of the Regionals they attend (the Tuesday prior to the start date of a Regionals at 11:59 CST).




Season average  =

in Distance (average of 15 best jumps),

in Air Retrieve - (average of 5 best AR scores),

in HydroDash - (average of 5 best HD scores)


In order to accept an invitation you must also have completed the minimum required splashes.


The minimum required splashes for the 2023 season are:


  • Distance 15 splashes
  • AR 5 splashes
  • HD 5 splashes

Once an invite is earned you can go to any regional and attend multiple regionals but a dog can only place 1st-3rd in a discipline (AR/HD/Distance) at one regional. If you place at another regional that placement and invite will roll down.

Registering for Regionals
  • Registration for each regional will open 10 weeks prior to the first date of the event. Registration will close the Tuesday prior to the start date of a Regionals at 11:59 CST
  • A dog must take all distance splashes on the same day but can sign up for the other disciplines on different days (or the same day) if spots are available.

        ○ Example - Distance splashes on Friday, AR on Saturday and HD on Sunday.



Placements: 1st - 3rd


  • Distance
    • Dogs are ranked according to their longer score of the 2 splashes. If there is a tie the following protocol will be used:

      2nd Longest splash score

      Higher Recent Average.

      Higher Season Average.

  • Air Retrieve
    • Dogs are ranked according to their highest grab from their splash. (dogs must have at least 1 successful grab to place)

      If there is a tie, the following protocol will be used:

      Least number of overall misses.

      Higher first miss.

      Higher Recent Average.

      Higher Season Average.

  • Hydro Dash
    • Dogs are ranked according to their best (fastest) score from their splash, which is defined as the lowest non-zero score. If there is a tie, the following protocol will be used:

      Next fastest score on the 2nd run of the Splash.

      Fastest Recent Average.

      Fastest Season Average.



Scoring information can be found here




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