Titles Earned

Dogs that have earned at least one title in a particular division are listed below. The title shown is the dog's highest title achieved in each division. To view a list of all the titles a dog has earned, click on that dog's name for more information.

NADD ID Call Name Breed Owner Total Jumps Title
17017 Bobber Brittany Kristin Kamholz 5 DN
17822 Colt Brittany Halina Jones 6 DN
16330 Dibs Brittany Therese Bailey 19 DN
8221 Ella Brittany Julie Agosti 38 DNA
21649 Ember Brittany Hailey Gould 6 DN
10193 Fox Brittany Erika Sajpel 9 DN
11215 Hopper Brittany Greg Wagner 8 DN
7034 Mila Brittany Stevie Duffek 6 DN
1557 Remi Brittany Amanda Richardson 5 DN
16331 Remi Brittany Therese Bailey 25 DN
4249 Riley Brittany Dee Hartnek 5 DN
12699 Stitch Brittany Rosemary Recard 13 DNQ19
23269 Tally Brittany Aimee Schilling 5 DN
16737 Toby Brittany Patty LaMure 6 DN
4392 Trump Brittany Aimee Schilling 6 DN
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