Titles Earned

Dogs that have earned at least one title in a particular division are listed below. The title shown is the dog's highest title achieved in each division. To view a list of all the titles a dog has earned, click on that dog's name for more information.

NADD ID Call Name Breed Owner Total Jumps Title
17779 Aerys Boxer Jeanette Forsythe 14 DN
3876 Bentley Boxer Linda Power 17 DN
10846 Blaze Boxer Lynn St Coeur 5 DN
7551 Brandee Boxer Jill Hootman 10 DN
7804 Cannon Boxer Sarah Osborne 5 DN
16216 Crush Boxer Sarah Rupp 20 DN
12626 Eddie Boxer Kelly Peterson 6 DN
6828 Jaunty Boxer Kerri Carter 23 DN
16152 Kaiser Boxer Noel Rhoades 30 DNA
1074 KizzE Boxer Robin Vaughan 9 DN
11880 Mikey Boxer Christine Moffat 5 DN
13313 Nargiz Boxer Noel Rhoades 6 DN
2716 Parker Boxer Rebecca Weerts 9 DN
7493 Ravyn Boxer Anita Elias 8 DN
2261 Sam Boxer Shirley Williams 6 DN
9592 SooiE Boxer Robin Vaughan 5 DN
2707 Sophia Boxer Mindy Len 11 DN
12237 Tia Boxer Debora Hall 23 DN
19869 Viral Boxer Noel Rhoades 7 DN
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