Breed Rankings Report

Breed rankings for Hydro Dash are based on the season average, which is the average of each dog's top 5 Hydro Dash scores in the 2022 season. Dogs must have at least 5 Hydro Dash scores in 2022 to be ranked. (V) indicates a registered dog's breed has been verified. Only the highest ranked dog that has been verified in each breed will earn an invite.

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2022 Hydro Dash Rankings for Cane Corso (3)

Rank NADD ID Call Name Qualifiers Breed Owner Class Jumps Season Average
5749 Zhazzy Cane Corso (V) Tina Biello Open 3 22.070
4056 RoxieStar Cane Corso (V) Tina Biello Open 1 22.369
1 9023 Ali’i Nui (Ah-lee-ee New-ee) Cane Corso (V) Jennifer Ponce Open 5 24.069
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