Breed Rankings Report

Breed rankings for Distance Jump are based on the season average, which is the average of each dog's top 10 Distance Jump scores in the 2019 season. Dogs must have at least 15 Distance Jump scores in 2019 to be ranked. (V) indicates a registered dog's breed has been verified. Only the highest ranked dog that has been verified in each breed will earn an invite.

More options: show all dogs for this breed, even if they don't have enough jumps to be ranked yet.

2019 Distance Jump Rankings for Belgian Laekenois (3)

Rank NADD ID Call Name Qualifiers Breed Owner Class Jumps Season Average
1 8633 Myles BEL Laek (V) Sharrii Hunt Open 42 23' 3
2 4796 Foxx BEL Laek (V) Sharrii Hunt Open 17 20' 10
3 5573 Charlotte BEL Laek (V) Sheila Jones Open 17 16' 4
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