2020 National Championship Changes to Regionals

2020 NADD Nationals Adjustments



Due to changes being made regarding COVID restrictions for the NADD Nationals Championships in December, NADD is making the tough decision to not hold its National Championships in Orlando this year. We are sure this may upset many of you, but we have an amazing plan to still offer an End of Season Championships.


The season will end Sept 15th 2020.


This season NADD will hold 9 Regional Championships across the country coinciding in the awarding of National Champions.

A few of the Major Changes for the benefit of our NADDicts will be:

  • Lowered Nationals Invite Fee to $50 per discipline.
  • Reduced Distance Jump Requirement to 10 jumps.
  • Less travel and lodging required for most all competitors.
  • 8 US Regional and 1 Canadian Regional- Top 3 winners in every NADD division and discipline.



For FULL Info.....Read 2020 NADD Nationals changes to Regionals



Regional Locations


Regional Dates

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