June 2020 Rules clarifications

Due to some recent issues....we are clarifying some rules.


As to a dogs breed:

ii. Any dog of any breed, size, or mix may participate in a NADD trial.
a. As to breed, as NADD is an organization that is not a breed registry, we do not classify or determine dog’s breeds. All breeds are welcome to play. We do offer a special award at the end of the year; we offer a Best of Breed award for the Top Ranked dog of each breed that has been verified as that breed. These breeds are solely determined by the handler submitting an approved Breed registry number (AKC, AKC PAL, CKC, UKC, etc.). NADD is not responsible to verify anything other than a current approved Registry number has been submitted. Any issue with breed verification would be the responsibility of the issuing organization.




As to HydroDash:

iv. As NADD is fully supportive in getting new dogs to jump and compete, we do allow verbal support from outside the pool. However, any support can ONLY be in the form of cheering, and calling the dog’s name, waving arms, etc. This person would also be considered the 2nd handler. It cannot involve throwing a toy from outside the pool or splashing the water. This is considering double-handling and will result in the same violation status as ‘sandbagging’ as listed below. (NOTE: For HD, while it is fully acceptable for a 2nd person to be standing still on the ground outside the pool, cheering for the dog, due to safety issues, they MAY NOT run down the side of the pool encouraging the dog to swim faster.)

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