NADD Lap Challenge Rules and Form

  1. NADD Lap Height Challenge policy: Each dog 2 years old or older that has been measured as a Lap dog according to NADDs policy, may be challenged ONCE.
    1. The procedure to file a challenge will be:
      1. Complainant (can be any person with a dog with a NADD number) will email NADD and pay a $25 challenge fee. This fee is non-refundable, regardless of the outcome.
        1. The complainant may be the current dog’s owner if their dog was measured originally as Open and they wish to challenge for a re-measured to Lap.
        2. The dog must be listed in the NADD portal as ACTIVE. If the dog is listed as Retried, then they may not be challenged unless they attempt to compete again.
      2. To file an official challenge, the form on the NADD portal must be completed and payment rendered.
        1. If a challenge is filed against a dog that has either already had a challenge submitted, or is not Active, a refund will be issued.
      3. Once the challenge is received, NADD will set an opportunity to have the dog measured.
        1. The challenge measurements must be overseen by a NADD Senior Certified Measurement Judge and fully video recorded.
        2. The dog must be measured twice by 2 different Certified Measurement judges to verify the height.
        3. The measurements and the video will be submitted to NADD and a FINAL height will be recorded.
      4. Once a dog has had one challenge completed, it will be marked on their record and they are NOT eligible to be challenged again.
      5. Dogs with a height challenge status may not participate in Regionals, Nationals or Speciality Events until the height challenge is resolved. 





NADD Lap Challenge Form

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