NEW NADD World Record Attempt requirements

NEW NADD World Record Attempt requirements


Effective Immediately (5/22/1029)


In order for any attempt to be counted as Official, the following requirements must be met:

  • The MUST be 2 NADD Approved Judges for this attempt. One of which MUST be an approved NADD Senior judge. It is the competitors responsibility to inform a facility to be sure they have a Senior Judge on staff.
  • Any attempt MUST be part of a standard NADD Splash and for all attempts made, we are going to require that the pool be marked as to the current NADD World Record. This can be done very easily with 2 long strips of RED electrical tape being placed on the measurement banner at the current WR. (So, for example, on the 35’ 3” mark for Open. These must be long enough to be easily seen)
  • There must be a clear and in-line video of the landing. This can be done with one person with a camera recording just the landing part of the jump at the current WR. They do not need to follow the dog throughout the jump. For the jump to be counted as a new WR, the video must show that the landing was within a 3” window of the Recorded distance of the judges.
  • If, a jump is recorded at or above the current WR and all of these requirements are not met, the jump score will count for the dog, but he jump WILL NOT be certified as a NADD World record.



NADD will verify all attempts before the Record will be announced as Official.


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