2019 Rogue 5 Challenge

By S. Mize, posted on February 27, 2019

For our 2019 promo challenge events this year, we have teamed up with the folks from Rogue Pet Feed. There will be 10 Events that are part of the Rouge 5 Contest. At each of the following events, there will be 5 winners. Each winner will receive a 5lb bag of Origin Pet Supplement. (These must be picked up at the event only)

The dogs with the highest overall score in each of the following groups at the events will be the winners. (Dogs are required to have a minimum of 3 jumps at the event)

Open Distance

Lap Distance

Veteran Distance

Open AR

Lap AR


The Rogue 5 Contest will take place at the following events:

AKC 2019 Kentuckiana Cluster

AKC 2019 Peach Blossom Cluster

AKC 2019 Sunshine State Cluster

AKC 2019 Little Fort Kennel Club

AKC 2019 Flat Coat Retriever National Specialty

AKC 2019 Strawberry Classic

AKC 2019 Gulf Coast Classic

AKC 2019 Summer Solstice Cluster

AKC 2019 Burlington County Kennel Club


(There will be more events added shortly)

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