2018 Nationals Plus-1 and CAP System

By S. Mize, posted on September 19, 2018

Plus -1 Finals

This means that during each division’s Finals, each dog will get 2 jumps to get the best score possible. Once ALL the dogs in that division have completed their 2 jumps, we will take the TOP 10 Dogs by score. These Top 10 dogs will get to take a Plus-1 jump. This is one more jump that gives them chance to improve their scores. The Final rankings for each division will be based on the BEST score of the 3 scores from each dog.


CAP System

For each division there will be a CAP to prevent dogs from jumping way over their assigned division. As we are well aware that in a Championships, we all want our dogs to have their best jumps, the CAP will allow for each division to be expanded for the Finals Only. The expanded divisions are listed below. IF a dog jumps out of the expanded division, on any of the jumps, (this includes the Plus-1), their entire score card will be moved up to the appropriate division. IF the dogs scores allow it to compete for the Top 10 in the upper division, then the dogs scores will be calculated within that division and they will be ranked accordingly. A competitor has the right to move their dog up a division if they feel they will be jumping better than their assigned division.

Open and Veteran division Caps will be 18 inches:

Novice Division – up to 11’5”

Junior Division – up to 16’5”

Senior Division – up to 21’5”

Master Division – up to 25’5”

Elite Division – Cap not applicable


Lap division Caps will be 12 inches:

Novice Division – up to 5’11”

Junior Division – up to 9’11”

Senior Division – up to 13’11”

Master Division – up to 18’11”

Elite Division – Cap not applicable


AR Cap System: The same CAP system will be used in AR, it will be 1 additional foot to each division. Also for AR start distances cannot be more than 1 foot lower than the division a dog is competing in. (ex: Senior dogs cannot start lower than 13ft)

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