2018 NADD Tournament of Champions

By S. Mize, posted on April 29, 2018

NADD is excited to announce our newly revised Tournament of Champions. We had so much fun at the event last year, that we decided to revise it for the future.

On Sept 8th, 2018, NADD will host a series of one-day events at specific selected facilities across the country. Each of these events are set in a specific region. Southeast, Northeast, Midwest, Northcentral, West Coast and Canada.


Southeast: Carolina Training Center

Northeast: Central K9 Diving Dogs

Midwest: Dallas Air Dogs

Northcentral: Southtown K9

West Coast: Gold Country Pet Resort

Canada: Dog Ranch Inc

This will be a single elimination bracket event. In the morning, all dogs entered will get 2 jumps to try to qualify. After the qualifying round is complete, the Top 16 scored dogs, will be entered into the afternoons Bracket tournament. This is a single elimination tournament. The brackets will be set by standard bracket rules (#1 vs #16, #2 vs #15, #3 vs #14, etc). The winner of each individual round (best of 2 jumps) moves on.

Each region will award a Champion. Each Champion will receive a Championship Cup, a Ribbon, and a prize basket donated by Nerf Dog. Finishers in places 2, 3 and 4 will also receive winners ribbons.

For these events, they are PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY. Registration for the events will be $25. Pre-Registration Opens on June 1st 2018.


(We are looking at making these events an annual event that will be at different facilities. We are also looking at growing them by adding other disciplines. AR, Lap, Brackets by Division)

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