Best in Breed Invitations to The Showcase

By NADD Administrator, posted on July 11, 2017

We are excited to announce that we will be inviting the best in each breed to the 2021 Showcase in Springfield, MO in October.  At the end of our season, (Sept 16th) we will rank each breed by average, with a minimum of 15 jumps to qualify (We will average a dogs Top 10 jumps overall). 


Please note, to be considered for a By-Breed ranking, your dog MUST be verified as the requested breed. If your dog does not have a verification, they will be grouped with the Non-Verified group and the top ranked from that group will receive the invite. For a list of breeds, please check the current AKC Breed listings. We will also extend an invite to the Top Ranked All-American Dog (these are dogs that are registered with the AKC Canine Partners Program).

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