AKC PAL Registration

AKC has given NADD members a discount on registering your dog for a PAL number. Instead of $35, it is $20 for all NADD members. You must use the form below with the NADD logo on the application. Before submitting your application, make sure that you sign & send 2 photos of your dog as describe in the application. For more information or questions about the PAL program, contact PAL@akc.org. If your dog does not qualify for a PAL number, then the AKC will issue a Canine Partner as an All American Dog.


PAL/ILP (if you think your dog is a pure bred), then you can apply for this.


The Purebred Alternative Listing/Indefinite Listing Privilege (PAL/ILP) is designed to allow dogs that are ineligible for registration, but are distinguishable as a member of an AKC registrable breed, to participate in certain AKC Events.


There are a number of reasons a purebred dog would be ineligible for registration or the owner might choose to apply for a PAL/ILP instead of registering the dog. To list a few of the more common ones:


  • Dog is from a rescue group or shelter
  • Owner never received papers from the breeder
  • Incomplete paper work
  • Owner does not want to pay late fees
  • Dog registered with another organization ineligible for AKC registration such as:
    • America's Pet Registry (APRI)
    • Continental Kennel Club (CKC)
    • Canine Kennel Club (CKC)
    • United All Breed Registry
    • United Kennel Club - exceptions for Coonhounds & certain FSS breeds
    • North American Purebred Dog Registry


For a complete List of AKC registrable breeds, CLICK HERE.


In order to enroll, a dog must be spayed or neutered. A PAL/ILP number is not an alternative form of registration. Some other breeds enrolled in the Foundation Stock Service (FSS) are also eligible for Companion and Performance Events.


CLICK HERE to download the application.

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