2017 NADD/AKC Lap Dog Verification

By NADD Administrator, posted on July 28, 2017

NADD's Goal: To assure competition in the Lap dog division is fair and equal. Per NADD Rules, a Lap dog is any dog under 16" or less at the withers. If a dog is under the 16" mark they must compete as a Lap Dog. All dogs must be measured by the judge prior to jumping with a wicket to enter this class. The measurement is from the top point of the shoulder (withers) down to the ground while standing in its "natural stance". At the age of 2 years or older all dogs must be measured for a final height.


  1. At the 2017 NADD/ AKC National Championships ALL Lap Dogs MUST be measured and verified ad Lap. If a dog is 16 inches or over, they will still be allowed to compete in the Championships, but they will be moved to the appropriate Open division by their yearly average.
  2. Lap Dog measuring will take place at the Admin area of NADD and will be open from Tuesday Dec 12th and will close Friday night at 8pm on Dec 15th. This is done to give any dog that may need to be moved UP to Open an chance to compete on Saturday.  NADD will have a measuring station with AKC approved wickets set up for measuring.  If your dog currently has a height card from AKC Agility, that height will be recognized and your dog will not have to be measured. You must present the card in order for the height to be recorded.
  3. Starting with the 2018 season, ALL lap dogs must be verified by NADD in order to compete in the Lap Division.
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