2020 National Championship Event Details

NOTE: The 2020 Championships have been changed to Regionals...INFO to follow.



For discounts on hotels - https://www.akc.org/sports/conformation/national-championship/host-hotel-2019/


The 2020 NADD Competition Year will run from Oct 16th, 2019 until Oct 15th, 2020. At midnight on Oct 15th, 2020, all scores, rankings and invites are frozen.

  • ALL dogs that receive invites will be required to have completed:
    • OPEN (Including Lap & Veteran): at least 15 jumps throughout the competition year.
    • AIR RETRIEVE: at least 5 jumps throughout the competition year.
    • HYDRO DASH: at least 5 jumps throughout the competition year.
  • Each dog that earns an invite based on the criteria below MUST have the minimum listed competition jumps (15 Open or 5 Air Retrieve/ Hydro Dash) throughout the 2020 season. If a dog does not have the required jumps for 2020 by midnight of Oct 15th 2020, any earned invite will be forfeited.
  • All invites will be sent out no later than Oct 18th, 2020. Each invitee will have until Nov 1st 2020 to accept.
  • The 2020 invites will cost $75.00 for each invite.
  • The 2020 Championships will be run the same as the 2019.
    • We will use the Plus 1 jumping system for finals.
    • We will have the CAP system in place. (18 inches for Open, 12 inches for Lap)


Congratulations on your dog(s) competing in the 2020 NADD/ AKC National Championship sponsored by Eukanuba.  This is our 7th year and we are so excited. If you have been in the past, we will have both pools located in the same area, if this is your first year, please see the attached map for info.


We are very excited for this year’s Championships. This is the biggest year to date! Please remember, everyone is here to have  good experience. Please don't let your specific needs and desires outweigh that everyone is here to enjoy a great event with their dog. If you have ANY issues, please do NOT get into heated discussions with other computer. Also, PLEASE treat all staff and volunteers with respect. If you have ANY issues, please go to the admin table and NADD will immediately address them in the best way we can.

(At this time, the AKC has not released the event map yet. We have waited as long as we can. We will post it publically once they do share it)


We will be in the Orange County Convention Center SOUTH Building. 

Entrance (Loading and Unloading and Parking)


There is a marked unloading area. You must be ready to get your stuff out of your car and move along rather quickly…they have workers monitoring this.



Once inside the building, you will EASILY see the NADD are to your immediate left (if you enter as shown on the map). The crating area will be to the right of the pools as you enter. Please , find a space, set up and remember to conserve space for others, (or we will be happy to assist you in conserving space).


The schedule for the weekend will be as follows. This schedule is tentative and may be adjusted slightly depending on the flow of competition.



Plus -1 Finals

This means that during each division’s Finals, each dog will get 2 jumps to get the best score possible. Once ALL the dogs in that division have completed their 2 jumps, we will take the TOP 10 Dogs by score. These Top 10 dogs will get to take a Plus-1 jump. This is one more jump that gives them chance to improve their scores. The Final rankings for each division will be based on the BEST score of the 3 scores from each dog.


CAP System

For each division there will be a CAP to prevent dogs from jumping way over their assigned division. As we are well aware that in a Championships, we all want our dogs to have their best jumps, the CAP will allow for each division to be expanded for the Finals Only. The expanded divisions are listed below. IF a dog jumps out of the expanded division, on any of the jumps, (this includes the Plus-1), their entire score card will be moved up to the appropriate division. IF the dogs scores allow it to compete for the Top 10 in the upper division, then the dogs scores will be calculated within that division and they will be ranked accordingly. A competitor has the right to move their dog up a division if they feel they will be jumping better than their assigned division.


Open and Veteran division Caps will be 18 inches:

Novice Division – up to 11’5”

Junior Division – up to 16’5”

Senior Division – up to 21’5”

Master Division – up to 25’5”

Elite Division – Cap not applicable


Lap division Caps will be 12 inches:

Novice Division – up to 5’11”

Junior Division – up to 9’1

Senior Division – up to 13’11”

Master Division – up to 18’11”

Elite Division – Cap not applicable


AR Cap System: The same CAP system will be used in AR, it will be 1 additional foot to each division. Also for AR start distances cannot be more than 1 foot lower than the division a dog is competing in. (ex: Senior dogs cannot start lower than 13ft)



Awards for each division will be given out immediately following the completion of that divisions Plus one. Awards for a higher division will not be given until the division below has been completed. 


Conflicts or Missed Splashes:

It is the competitors responsibility to be aware of their jump time send be present when their dog is called. If there are any conflicts, these must be addressed and arranged PRIOR to the splash starting. To avoid any possibility of missing a splash, it is better to inform NADD as early as possible.


Practice Times & Availability:


Info on Practice time will be posted later.



 Here is the link for tickets needed for Sat and Sunday

AKC Ticket link




Competitors may set up crates in the designed crating area starting Tuesday morning. Areas will be well marked. Each COMPETING dog get a basic 42 in crate size place on the floor. No chairs may block walkways or other dogs crates. We STRONGLY suggest stacking crates when possible. Please cover dogs crates to avoid excessive barking and lunging at others dog that will be passing within a foot of your dogs crates.

(We have seen many competitors use things like tri fold display boards to create a barrier in front of their dogs create...we welcome this and similar ideas). 

NADD holds the right to move and help adjust any crateing issues.



Competitors may check in for Santa Splashes or the Championships at the Admin tent....We ask that you do not have dogs with you at this time as this area becomes very congested. You must check in to get your wristband and jump cards (for Santa Splash only) to allow you onto the dock. 

  • Ribbons will be placed on a table outside of admin as soon as they are completed. 
  • Picking up Swag bag for a friend. NADD will not ships swag bags. The person picking it up MUST have the printed receipt.



Information on tickets and Hotel from the AKC:




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