2023 North America Diving Dogs Rules

Here is a brief summary of the NADD rules.  The complete rules are at the bottom of the page.


To enter a North America Diving Dogs event, you MUST have NADD Registration Number. There is a one time fee of $35.  There is a NO REFUND policy once you are issued a NADD#.


Dog Eligibility

    • A dog must be at least 6 months of age to compete.
    • All breeds and mixes are invited to participate.
    • Females in season are not permitted to compete.


Pre-registration Limits (onsite will be available once preregistration limits have been met) 

    • Each Distance Splash may be limited to 45 dogs. 
    • Each Air Retrieve and Hydro Dash may be limited to 14 for AR/ 20 for HD dogs.
    • Day of Show Entries may be available.
    • Each dog can do a maximum of 12 distance splashes per event
    • A dog can only be entered in 1 event per day


Opening and Closing Dates

    • As stated on the Event page on the NADD website, see official opening or closing dates for entries.


Class Running Order

    • At AKC/CKC Cluster events where dogs may be competing in several events at the same venue, we have created a flexible card system that allows you to avoid conflicts. You will be given a card for each Splash that you enter at check-in. (no cards are given for HydroDash or Air Retrieve) When you are ready to jump during your Splash, just hand your card to the run order board person to get your name on the running order list. Your Splashes must be done on that day that you entered in. There is no designated practice/get-wet time at an AKC/CKC Cluster, you will have the opportunity to take a practice jump and than do your 2 jumps for a qualifying score. 
    • Cards must be turned into the board person no later than 1 hr before the end of that days distance splashes. 


Check In

    • Facility events: Check in at least 30 minutes before your Splash time begins.
    • Mobile events: Check in at least 2 hours before the end of the posted times for the day..


Jumping Rules

    • 2 jumps (back to back) will be scored. The longest of the two will be your Qualifying score for that distance Splash.
    • You must finish each splash within 3 minutes. Time begins when both team members are on the dock.
    • You may use one extra handler on the dock to release your dog.
    • Distance jumping is determined visually by the judge, at the point where the base of the dog’s tail enters the water.
    • A dog must jump on its own accord. You can not physically assist your dog off the dock in any way.
    • Any e-collars, muzzles, pinch, prong, corrective collars or harnesses are allowed, but you must remove it once you are on the dock. Pinch or prong collars may be used while on the dog to assist in repositioning the dog between jumps but must be removed before jumping. 
    • Dogs are allowed to wear a life vest.
    • No aggressive dogs.
    • All dogs must be up to date on their vaccinations.
    • There will be NO sandbagging. Anyone that sandbags, your jumps will be an NQ. This is all about the best performance of your dog.
    • Air Retrieve is determined by the distance of the bumper from the front edge of the dock. The bumper is suspended 2ft above the dock. Each round, the bumper is moved out in 1ft increments. The longest successful grab (or knocking the bumper into the water) distance determines the Qualifying score.
    • In Air Retrieve, each dog gets up to two attempts at a distance to grab the bumper, after a successful grab the dog moves on to the next distance. A handler must determine their starting distance before the Air Retrieve begins at a distance no more than 2 feet below their Recent Average, or if no recent average  they may begin no less that at 6ft  for Open (4ft for Lap). A dog with 3 misses overall or 2 misses at the same distance is eliminated for the competition.



    • Some events may offer a Finals round at the end of the weekend. The dogs with the top scores in each division are invited to compete in an additional Splash at no charge, to determine Final placements. At both Finals and Championships events, there is a 3 jump minimum requirement. Championship events may have additional rules and pre-qualification requirements.
    • Jumps from the Finals do not count as additional Qualifying scores toward Titles.


Divisions and Classes

    • There are six Distance Divisions: Novice, Junior, Senior, Master, Elite and Premier (open only).
    • There are two placement Classes: Open (16″ tall and over) and Lap (under 16″ tall)
    • Veterans is for dogs over 8 years old (Veterans is only enforced at Regionals and Nationals)



    • There are four Open Title levels: Dock (5 Qs), Advanced (+25 Qs), Excellent (+25 Qs), and Excellent numerical multipliers (+25 Qs)
    • One Qualifying score jump per Splash or Air Retrieve/Hydrodash entry counts toward NADD Titles. See the Titles page for details.



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