Veterans Announcement

Although we try not to make mid-season changes, we feel this is an addition, not a change...


We are excited to announce that we are adding the Veterans division in all 3 disciplines this year at Regionals and Nationals.


Having older dogs is important to us, and we understand that they may no longer jump as far or swim as fast as they used to. With this change, they will now compete against dogs in the same division.


All dogs turning 8 before the end of the season are considered veterans. The selection process will be the same as for distance veterans. The top veteran in each discipline at a qualifier will receive an invite, unless a veteran has already placed in the top 3 in that division for that event.


We will go back to the past qualifiers held at the beginning of the 2023 season and add those invites.


Please thank your local facility... they helped make this happen.

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