2021 Showcase Run order

Estimated run order for the National Showcase.  - click on the day to view the list



Air Retrieve  Thursday 8am
The time next to your name indicates a briefing/check-in time. This is to allow us to do a quick briefing and get starting distances without everyone standing in the same place. For the first briefing we will start running dog 5 min after briefing finishes. The second AR pool will open up at 1pm and we will announce (on the remind app) where in the list we will be starting from.  


Friday 8am 

Saturday 8am
The time listed next to your name is an APPROXIMATE time. It is your responsibility to be ready to jump you dog no matter what time it ends up as. This is an "in the perfect world" time and if we run late or ahead of schedule, we will NOT stop to accommodate the time difference. We will be sending Remind text messages out about every 20-30 dogs.  It is your responsibility to pay attention and check in with the board person 5 dogs before turn. If you miss your jump, you will forfeit that turn.

Both Distance pools will have 2 sets of stairs.  Please be ready to walk up the "up" stairs when the dog before you is on the ramp. (you need to be at the base of these stairs when the dog before you finishes) 
Once you take your last throw for your dog, please remember to bring ALL of your stuff (leashes, towels, shoes, toys etc..) with you to the ramp. That is where you will be exiting from. 


Hydro Dash

Friday 8am 

HydroDash will run in reverse alphabetical order to avoid conflicts. 


Conflict Requests

We have tried to move dogs around to avoid conflict. However, if we have overlooked something please reach out to ops@northamericadivingdogs.com with the subject line of "Showcase conflict". If you do not use this subject line we may not be able to find your request. 


We will take conflict requests for the following reasons only.

1) you are handling multiple dogs that are scheduled to jump within 5 dogs of each other. In this case we will move the last dog down so that there is 5 dogs in-between. 

2) you are the holder/thrower for someone's dog that is within 5 dogs of another dog you are holding/throwing for. In this case we will move the last dog down so that there is 5 dogs in-between.


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