Eromit AIRcademy (Canada)


4131 Schemenaur Road
Quesnel, BC V2J 6V1
  • This is an Outdoor Facility
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More information

Eromit Acres is located 5 minutes from the city of Quesnel, British Columbia.  Our facility boasts an exceptional permanent pool and dock in a secure 100x150 foot fenced area with ample room for shade tents, crating, and a designated spectator viewing area next to the pool. Dry camping is available on site during event weekends for $10 per night and includes access to the agility training area, an outhouse, and community fire pit.


Facility Rules:

Poop Pick up is a must and dogs must not use pool or agility areas to eliminate. 

No Dog to Dog contact is permitted for safety reasons. Dogs must stay on leash except on the dog or enclosed agility area.

Please drive slowly while entering the property.

10 acres surrounding the pool and camping areas are available for leash walking competing dogs. Please do not allow your dog to harrass (bark or lunge at) neighboring livestock.

Camping is available for registered competitors only.

Please control barking during non-competition hours.


Directions - note that not all GPS units have us mapped correctly:

We are located at 4131 Schemenaur Road. Coming from Quesnel BC, turn right onto Highway 26 (towards Barkerville). Proceed for 6 km and then turn left onto Schemenaur Road. We are 2 kms down on the left (immediately after the railway tracks- watch for signage).


Coming from the north/Prince George- Shemenaur Road is on the left approximately 2 km after you cross the Cottonwood River Bridge. Proceed for 7 km - we are on the right, immediately before the railway tracks (watch for signage).


BBQ Lunch is typically for sale at most events.

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