Agapé Ranch Dog Sports


26417 N Lake Wohlford Rd
Valley Center, CA 92082
  • This is an Outdoor Facility
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More information

Agapé Ranch Dog Sports (ARDS) is a 6 acre property located in Valley Center, CA. It is owned and lovingly managed by Scott Dike and Lise Ann Strum. Agapé is one of the big loves of our lives. There is so much to do, come join us.

The facility includes two large fields: The front training field is 110′ x 150′. The event field is 110′ x 275′ both are grass and are fully fenced. There is room for about 100 cars between the front and rear parking lots. The rear parking lot is covered with mature Oak Trees which provide shade throughout the day. There are some shaded areas on the front lot too. The fields are available for events or day use for training or classes/seminars or competitions.

Our 40' wheelchair friendly dock and 50' pool is available for competition practice, conditioning and rehab swimming. We have weekly lessons. We specialize in problem solving, drive building and starting new dogs. Let us help you with your furry superstar.

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