FLK (Canada)


5107 65 St
Lloydminster, AB T9V 2E8
  • This is an Indoor Facility
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FLK (formerly known as Flatlands Kennels)



We welcome all breeds and mixes and spectators and competitors alike! We are located in the industrial park in Lloydminster. 

Please ensure you do potty your dog thoroughly before entering the building, we do have a fenced potty area as well and please clean up after yourself.

Wet dogs will exit the side door of the shop, and all waivers should be signed upon checkin and registration.

We strongly advise reading the NADD rules prior to attendance, and are happy to help with any clarifications!

Please ensure your dog is safely contained, we do have indoor benching available, as long as our equipment and crates remain in good shape.

We have training slots open, and try it's for distance, air retrieve and hydro dash at most events. We have raw and kibble available on site as well.

Please respect distance between dogs and handlers!

Text only if you have any questions 306-893-7052

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