Run Jump Splash


410 W Quarry Rd
Orleans, IN 47452
  • This is an Outdoor Facility
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More information

Run Jump Splash is a K9 Sports Facility located in South-Central Indiana, easy driving distance from key cities such as Indianapolis, Bloomington, Evansville, and Louisville KY. We're dedicated to giving you and your dogs a place to have some fun! We have a regulation-size 40-foot dock and 21x50 foot pool for dock diving practice, training, and events, as well as a smaller dock and 13x25 foot pool for those just getting started. Both pools are available for rent by the hour along with open dock sessions, group rates, and discounts for multiple dog families. Air Retrieve and HydroDash Rigs are also available for rental time for more experienced divers, with or without instructor. 

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