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2022 National Showcase

October 26, 2022 - October 29, 2022 (Wednesday - Saturday)

This is a National Showcase event.

An invite is required for this event.

Invite-only registration for this event will begin on 08/14/2022 at 01:00 pm (CDT).

Payment is required to pre-register for this event online.

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  • This is an Indoor Event
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  • Online registration begins on 08/14/2022 at 01:00 pm (CDT) and closes 10/23/2022 at midnight (CDT).
  • An invite is required to attend this event. Registration instructions will be sent via email.
  • Price per splash for this event is $30.00 (USD) per dog.
  • Payment is required to pre-register for this event online.

Event Contact Info

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Event Notes

National Championship Event

This is a National Championship event.
  • In order to attend this event, your dog will need to have earned an invitation at a qualifying event or by satisfying any other condition listed in the Championship Invite Criteria to earn a qualifying invite.
  • The dog will need to have completed the required number of jumps (15 for Distance Jump or 5 for Air Retrieve) by the end of the season.
  • The Division under which your dog will attend the championship is determined by NADD. Splashes will be assigned automatically based on the dog's assigned division.
  • There will be additional awards for Veteran dogs at this event (8 years of age or older).


This event's schedule has not been completed yet.

You need an invite to attend this event.
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