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Teamworks Memorial Day Splashfest

May 23, 2020 - May 25, 2020 (Saturday - Monday)

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195 Robbins Rd
Youngsville, NC 27596
  • This is an Outdoor Event
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  • Online registration closes 05/20/2020 at midnight (CST).
  • Pre-registration (online) price per splash for this event is $23.00 (USD) per dog. Payment is due upon check-in.
  • Splashes can be purchased on-site the day of the event for $28.00 (USD) per dog.
  • Payment is required at check-in (cash preferred). Refunds will not be issued if you fail to show up for your turn.
  • "Day of Show" entries may be available until limits are reached: 45 dogs per Splash (Distance Jump), 14 dogs per Splash (Air Retrieve), unless otherwise specified.

Event Contact Info


Contact Email Address:

Contact Phone: 919-696-5558

Event Notes

  • A NADD Registration Number is required to enter, purchase here for $35.00.
  • Splashes include up to four minutes on the dock for one optional practice jump and two judged jumps. You must inform the judge prior to your jump if you want it to be considered a "practice jump".
  • The jump order is set by a posted running order. Each splash closes 30 minutes prior to start time. Failure to be present at the beginning of the splash can result if the forfeiture of jumping in that splash.
  • Each distance jumping Splash allows 2 judged jumps, back to back. The longest jump of them will be your Qualifying Score.
  • You can earn a Diving Dog Title at this event. You must have five Qualifying Scores within a Division. NADD titles are recognized by the AKC and CKC through their recognition programs. View their applications here (AKC) and here (CKC).
  • Please read the official NADD Rules before you attend the Trial.

Try-its at this event

  • Try-its will be allowed as space permits and during Splashes if no competitors are waiting to jump. Try-its cost $10.00 for two Try-it tickets. These tickets may be used on any day of the competition.


Saturday, May 23, 2020
  • 08:00 am: Splash #1 (Distance Jump) - 8am start

  • 08:30 am: Splash #2 (Distance Jump) - Starts as soon as previous splash is done.

  • 09:00 am: Splash #3 (Distance Jump) - Starts as soon as previous splash is done

  • 09:30 am: Splash #4 (Distance Jump) - Starts as soon as the previous splash is done

Sunday, May 24, 2020
  • 08:00 am: Splash #5 (Distance Jump) - 8am start

  • 08:30 am: Splash #6 (Distance Jump) - starts as soon as previous splash is done

  • 09:00 am: Splash #7 (Distance Jump) - starts as soon as previous splash is done

  • 09:30 am: Splash #8 (Distance Jump) - starts as soon as previous splash is done

Monday, May 25, 2020
  • 08:00 am: Splash #9 (Distance Jump) - 8am start

  • 08:30 am: Splash #10 (Distance Jump) - starts as soon as previous splash is done

  • 09:00 am: Splash #11 (Distance Jump) - starts as soon as previous splash is done

  • 09:30 am: Splash #12 (Distance Jump) - starts as soon as previous splash is done

Other Notes

Registration and open dock from 7am-8am each day.  First splash begins at 8am.  Next splash immediately following the end of the previous splash.   


RV Parking with 30amp electric hook-ups available on site.  See for RV reservations. 


Here are the guidelines for our "COVID-19 Plan" for our NADD trials:

  • NADD is requiring that you sign a COVID waiver.
  • NADD has recommended that NO DAY of SHOW be ACCEPTED during the month of May.  You MUST PRE-REGISTER. 
  • NADD also has recommended that ALL PAPERWORK be filled out ahead of time and EMAILED in. 
  • NADD has recommended NO CASH PAYMENTS.  Please pay by PayPal to (which will show up as Virtual Dog Sports) or write a check, which will be dropped in the blue box.
  • We ask that nobody with a fever or cough attend the trial. We ask that you not attend if someone in your house has a fever.  If you are unsure if you have a fever/are sick, please stay home.
  • We ask that EVERYONE wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth on the dock, on the ramp, in line to get on the ramp, in the pool area, in the bathrooms, and in the Pavillion. Wearing a mask in public is a guideline in our state.  You will need to bring your own mask.  It can simply be a bandana (preferrably with a HEPA filter inside it), but you need to wear your mask when you are on the dock, on the ramp, or in the spectator area, or in the clubhouse, Pavillion or bathrooms.  We will have signs reminding you that you are in a "mask-querade" zone.  
  • We will provide gloves for all of our workers, but if you have your own gloves, please bring them!  Any kind of gloves will work (gardening or bicycle gloves).
  • We will have wipes and hand sanitizer available for competitors but please bring your own 
  • We will ask that everyone stay at least 6 feet apart at all times.  I know this is going to be difficult, but the masks will also help remind you to do so.   
  • Unfortunately, that means that we are not going to congregate in the spectator area.  I's going to be strange, but I'm going to remove the seats from the spectator area so we have more room to line up (at a distance). If you want to watch a friend run, you can stand and watch, but please leave shortly thereafter.  This rule of number of people per square foot will conform to the guidelines set forth by our governor.
  • Remember, you must also wear your mask up on the dock.  So PLEASE get your dog used to your mask NOW. Masks on people can be scary to a dog, so spend some time acclimating your dog to people wearing masks.
  • We will ask everyone to pack their own lunch so that we are not hovering over open food.   We will still provide individually wrapped snacks, bottled water, and Keurig coffee  You will be able to use the refrigerator to store you lunch, and the microwave to heat it up. We will ask that you are careful to use hand sanitizer and lysol wipes to wipe things down in the clubhouse. You MUST wear your mask in the clubhouse. 
  • We will provide an additional hospitality station, with bottled water, snacks, a microwave and Keurig in the Pavillion so that there is not a crowd in the clubhouse. 
  • While we usually allow crating near the arena and in the Pavillion, that would put people too close to each other.  This is going to be difficult, but we are NOT allowing crating in the Pavillion.  We are going to ask EVERYONE to work out of their cars. Please bring your own shade.  You can put up a tent over your car or cover your car with aluminet shade cloth.  Bring battery-operated fans too.  If you want to run your car with the air conditioning going, please consider purchasing a temperature sensor for your car.  Clean Run sells one for about $30. If you run your car with the air on, please be careful to BACK YOUR CAR INTO YOUR SPOT, and point your exhaust pipe towards the fence, rather than the driveway.  If you do NOT plan to run your car's air conditioning, pull in with your front bumper to the fence. This will orient you in a different direction and you should be able to have your rear doors open away from where the exhaust is. I know these rules are very cumbersome, but are going to try to prevent exhaust from leaking into someone else's car with open windows.
  • We will NOT have placement awards at the end of the event.  Ribbons will be self-serve (and spread out on the tables) and results will be posted online.  Sorry guys - I know this is usually a lot of fun, but its just not a good idea to gather like that. 
  • As a thank you for your support, I will have some really cute bandanas (that can serve as a face mask) for anyone who would like one.  




PLEASE CALL THE Teamworks weather hotline 919-340-0120 in case of inclement weather.  Thunderstorms could cause a delayed start.


Please see  for more information about our venue. 

This event is no longer open for registration.
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