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First NADD Event at Paws Pack 2024

July 27, 2024 - July 28, 2024 (Saturday - Sunday)

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160 Pigeon Road
Wagener, SC 29164
  • This is an Outdoor Event
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  • Online registration closes 07/20/2024 at midnight (CDT).
  • Pre-registration (online) price per splash for this event is $25.00 (USD) per dog. Payment is due upon check-in.
  • Splashes can be purchased on-site the day of the event for $30.00 (USD) per dog.
  • Payment is required at check-in for all pre-registered splashes. Refunds will not be issued if you fail to show up for your turn.

Event Contact Info


Contact Email Address:

Contact Phone: 845-238-4776

Event Notes

  • A NADD Registration Number is required to enter, purchase here for $35.00.
  • Splashes include up to three minutes on the dock for one optional practice jump and two judged jumps. You must inform the judge prior to your jump if you want it to be considered a "practice jump".
  • The jump order is set by a posted running order. Each splash closes 30 minutes prior to start time. Failure to be present at the beginning of the splash can result if the forfeiture of jumping in that splash.
  • Each distance jumping Splash allows 2 judged jumps, back to back. The longest jump of them will be your Qualifying Score.
  • You can earn a Diving Dog Title at this event. You must have five Qualifying Scores within a Division. NADD titles are recognized by the AKC and CKC through their recognition programs. View their applications here (AKC) and here (CKC).
  • Please read the official NADD Rules before you attend the Trial.

Try-its at this event

  • Try-its will be allowed as space permits and during Splashes if no competitors are waiting to jump. Try-its cost $10.00.


Saturday, Jul 27, 2024
  • 09:00 am: Splash #1 (Distance Jump)

  • 11:00 am: Splash #101 (Air Retrieve) - Briefing 15 minutes prior to start.

  • 01:00 pm: Splash #2 (Distance Jump)

  • 03:00 pm: Splash #3 (Distance Jump)

  • 05:00 pm: Splash #4 (Distance Jump)

Sunday, Jul 28, 2024
  • 09:00 am: Splash #5 (Distance Jump)

  • 11:00 am: Splash #301 (Hydro Dash) - Briefing 15 minutes prior to start.

  • 01:00 pm: Splash #6 (Distance Jump)

  • 03:00 pm: Splash #7 (Distance Jump)

  • 05:00 pm: Splash #8 (Distance Jump)

Other Notes

Welcome to Paws Pack Dog Training & Sports 


Come Join Us for Our Very First NADD Event!  

Location: 160 Pigeon Road, Wagener, SC 29164




SATURDAY A-Z (Dog Name) 

SUNDAY Z-A (Dog Name) 


Briefings are 15 minutes before start.


We will be using the authorized Nerf Bumpers for both standard and lap dogs.


Check in will open at 8:00am and the Jump board will open at 8:30am. Preferred methods of payment are Venmo, cash, or check. First dog on the dock at 9:00am.


You will be required to sign the waivers/liability release forms.  No one is allowed on the dock without signing a waiver, this is for all handlers -holders as well as throwers.  Everyone on the property must sign all waivers.  


You may do 4 splashes in one day and the specialty event.  You may only jump twice during a 1-hour period with the same dog. If you miss your turn, you will be moved to the BOTTOM of the splash. We will try to call out names of upcoming dogs, but it is your responsibility to keep an eye on the running board list and have your dog in line when it’s your turn to jump.  Try its will be available, if time permits, at the end of each splash and/or at the end of the last splash of the day.



Parking: Please park in field and do not park too close to food trucks (there will be one food truck at the event) or vendors.  No vehicles or canopies are allowed in the no parking areas. 


We offer RV and tent dry camping (water is available to fill tanks).  The fee is $15 per night. Please email to make a reservation. RV’s and campers must check in prior to parking! 


We are an outside facility, and the weather can change within minutes.  Events will continue during light rain, so be prepared.  If there is lightning in the area everything will be cancelled or delayed.  All measures will be taken to get all the splashes in. If we have poor weather, we may switch to the Cluster format… watch for announcements on the Facebook NADD Fan Page, as well as check your email for any weather change announcements.


If you have a reactive dog, you will be responsible for always keeping your dog under your control.  Keep ample space from all other dogs.  If your dog causes any reactive incident, you will be asked to leave and forfeit any or all monies due to Paws Pack or NADD.  We want all dogs to enjoy the sport of diving dogs, however we must keep the sport safe for everyone and every dog. 


Please pick up all your dog’s accidents anywhere on the property, failure to do so will result in you being asked to leave and forfeiting any monies owed Paws Pack and NADD. There are poop buckets available.


Unless crated, dogs must be always leashed, except for on the dock or in the water.  Leashes cannot exceed 6’ in length.  Retractable leashes are prohibited.  Prong collars are allowed but must be removed before entering the dock. Dogs should be kept under close control. A safe distance (approx. 8 ft.) must be kept between all dogs.


Anyone who pushes or throws their dog into the pool or in any other way abuses their dog will be excluded from further participation and will forfeit any splash or fees! 




Thank you for registering for our event.  We hope you and your pups enjoy our facility!

This event is no longer open for registration.
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