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Jump Into Fall at The Brightside

October 9, 2020 - October 11, 2020 (Friday - Sunday)

You've added this event to your watchlist and will receive an email ten days prior to the start of the event reminding you to make any last-minute registration changes or cancel if you no longer plan to attend. If you haven't registered, you will still receive an email reminder if space is still available.


2032 Jones Phillips Rd
Dacula, GA 30019
  • This is an Outdoor Event
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  • Online registration closes 10/06/2020 at midnight (CDT).
  • Pre-registration (online) price per splash for this event is $23.00 (USD) per dog. Payment is due upon check-in.
  • Splashes can be purchased on-site the day of the event for $28.00 (USD) per dog.
  • Payment is required at check-in (cash preferred). Refunds will not be issued if you fail to show up for your turn.
  • "Day of Show" entries may be available until limits are reached: 45 dogs per Splash (Distance Jump), 14 dogs per Splash (Air Retrieve), unless otherwise specified.

Event Contact Info


Contact Email Address:

Contact Phone: 770-685-1989

Event Notes

  • A NADD Registration Number is required to enter, purchase here for $35.00.
  • Splashes include up to four minutes on the dock for one optional practice jump and two judged jumps. You must inform the judge prior to your jump if you want it to be considered a "practice jump".
  • The jump order is set by a posted running order. Each splash closes 30 minutes prior to start time. Failure to be present at the beginning of the splash can result if the forfeiture of jumping in that splash.
  • Each distance jumping Splash allows 2 judged jumps, back to back. The longest jump of them will be your Qualifying Score.
  • You can earn a Diving Dog Title at this event. You must have five Qualifying Scores within a Division. NADD titles are recognized by the AKC and CKC through their recognition programs. View their applications here (AKC) and here (CKC).
  • Please read the official NADD Rules before you attend the Trial.

Independent Event Finals

  • This event will have an independent Facility Finals. The finals will not count towards NADD jumps (averages, rankings, etc).
  • Each facility will determine how many dogs will make the Finals and the awards to be given, if any.
  • At least 3 jumps are required to participate in independent event finals.


Friday, Oct 9, 2020
  • 04:30 pm: Splash #101 (Air Retrieve)

Saturday, Oct 10, 2020
  • 09:00 am: Splash #1 (Distance Jump)

  • 11:00 am: Splash #2 (Distance Jump)

  • 01:00 pm: Splash #3 (Distance Jump)

  • 03:00 pm: Splash #4 (Distance Jump)

  • 04:30 pm: Splash #102 (Air Retrieve)

Sunday, Oct 11, 2020
  • 09:00 am: Splash #5 (Distance Jump)

  • 11:00 am: Splash #6 (Distance Jump)

  • 01:00 pm: Splash #7 (Distance Jump)

  • 03:00 pm: Splash #8 (Distance Jump)

Other Notes

Join us October 9-11, 2020 for The Brightside's LAST EVENT of the season but the FIRST EVENT of the NEW 2021 NADD SEASON!
Watch this page or the FB Group Page for updates as we get closer to this event --
Due to COVID-19, this event WILL be run in time blocks. These blocks will be uploaded to after closing. The proposed time blocks are given below so you know based on your LAST NAME when you need to be here. 

!!There are NO 'day of entries' available for this event, please e-mail if you are looking for availability and we can see if we can accommodate based on numbers!!


---> BLOCK 1, which is LAST NAMES A-H**, will check in promptly at 830am on Saturday AND Sunday for a 9am start. 


--->BLOCK 2, which is LAST NAMES I-Z**, will check in promptly at 130pm on SATURDAY for a 2pm start and an 1230pm check in with 1pm start for SUNDAY. PLEASE NOTE SUNDAY START TIME FOR BLOCK 2 IS EARLIER THAN SATURDAY AS WE DON'T HAVE AIR RETRIEVE ON SUNDAY!!!!




--> Friday AR <-- will run 'like normal' starting at 430pm (check in 415pm). Please make sure you are checked in by 530pm in order to finish your round before dark. 


-->Saturday AR <-- will check in/start at 1130am. If you are in Block 1 and have a dog in AR, you'll finish your AR after your jumps. If you are in Block 2 and have a dog in AR, you will arrive around 1130am to check in and complete your round before your jumps. 


The link for the waivers and blocks (will be available after closing):  ***


Your judges the weekend will be Dean Werts, Tracy Cann, and Katy Chadwick (Senior Judge). Connie Fore will be the event photographer. There are NO food vendors for the weekend so please bring your own drinks/snacks. You are welcome to setup a tent for shade by your car while you are here but please pack it up and take it with you after your block is over. 


 ---> Please note that the time blocks are done MANUALLY by hand as there is no way to sort this by last name in the NADD Portal. Yes, that means I literally sat down and wrote every single persons name in backwards (last name, first name, then dog name). There will be spelling mistakes and other mistakes and I apologize for that, I am only human. This sheet is just used for you/us to separate everyone into block times.... we have all the 'official NADD stuff' to use for entry, data, etc that is all 100% correct with names, what you entered, etc so have no fear! <--


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Be sure to follow the event page on FB for updates should we have a weather delay:






  • please open and close the gate behind you at all times however please do not plan on arriving more than 15 minutes early to your assigned BLOCK TIME to check in
  • a NADD/COVID and Brightside waiver must be brought with you
  • any training device or collar must be removed as you enter the dock area itself
  • dogs must be on leash at all times except when on the dock
  • no retractable leashes permitted on the property
  • no "try-its" available
  • no dogs allowed on the agility field 
  • there is no waiting list, any availability is first come, first serve in the portal before closing
  • There are no day of entries, please e-mail if you would like to see if any splashes are available ahead of time!!!






  • Here is our approved COVID-19 event plan that we have in place in order to run our upcoming NADD event as efficiently and safely as we can per NADD and CDC recommended guidelines. Please be sure to read all the information below. At the end of this  there are THREE links to follow with waivers you should be signing and bringing with you. There will be another e-mail on June 4th with your jump block times. If you do not receive the block time and you pre-registered for this event, please e-mail The jump block times will also be found on the website address below.




    Social Distancing 

    • Admin table will have a well marked line/cone with a 6’ minimum distance from the table to the line/cone to prevent direct contact to the admin workers. Admin workers will be asked to use hand sanitizer (provided) anytime they exit and enter the admin area. Only max of 3 admin at a time.
    • Waiverswill be be available on The Brightside website so competitors can print, sign , and bring with to the event  with their payment (no e-mailed copies please)
      • should a competitor forget to bring a waiver, we will have some on site for them to sign (wipes will be provided to disinfect pens and signing table (separate table from admin)


    • Payment: checks dropped into a payment box or Venmo/Paypal (no cash or cards will be handled) as a competitor checks in
    • there will be NO on site registrations (i.e. no additional splashes available for purchase)
    • Ribbons: one person from admin will be in charge of writing ribbons. Ribbons will be available in marked bags at the end of the jump block time for pickup at a marked table. Admin workers will be required to use hand sanitizer (provided) anytime they exit and enter the admin/ribbon area.
    • masks will be encouraged but not required


    Competition & Crating Area

    • Minimum of 15’ apart for dogs waiting in line
      • we will have spray painted X’s on the ground for a max of 3 competitors at a time to be ready for their turn
    • A running order will be posted in two separate places and will be alphabetical by dog name A-Z in all time blocks
    •  Block times will be e-mailed ahead of time so competitors know when they will be jumping
    • Crating is allowed in/outside of the car ONLY, no setting up of crates or tents in another location. Cars will be parked 15-20’ apart 


    Event Structure

    • We will be running the event with scheduled time blocks that will be e-mailed out before the event starts
      • All AR will be run "as is" on Friday and at 1130am on Saturday -- competitors in the AM block will run their AR round after their splashes and competitors in the PM block will run their AR round first.
    • Competitors are NOT to show up until ~15 minutes before their scheduled block time to check in and warm up their dogs. Should someone show up early, the gate will be closed and the competitor will have to wait in their car until their scheduled block time
    • When competitors check in, no more than 2 people in line and there will be X’s or cones marked 10’ apart for them to stand on while waiting
      • During check in there will be a place to drop off their payment and waivers
    • In between each block time the entire dock and the surrounding area (including Porta Potty, admin, and front gate) will be cleaned with disinfectant (Wysi Wash, Odoban, and Bleach) in addition to the latches, handles, and railings wiped with Clorox Wipes/Lysol. 
    • There will be no additional splashes or day of entries available for purchase




    • The dock will be sprayed with a disinfectant (Wysi Wash, Bleach, Odoban) in between each jump block and all latches and handles wiped with Clorax wipes (provided) and/or Lysol. 
    • Competitors will use hand sanitizer (provided) as they enter and exit the dock area each time
      • the gates to the dock area will remain open at all times, but the doors on the dock itself must remained closed to ensure the dog does not leave the competition area during it’s turn


    • Porta Potty will be available and also be sprayed down in between each block time. 
      • There will be hand sanitizer, TP, and Lysol available inside the unit. The building will be locked and off limits. 


    • Admin team will be limited to 2 (one to work data entry/check in and one to work ribbons, many times will just be one admin member) and they will have access to hand sanitizer and wipes at all times. Computer will be wiped between any uses. 
    • There will be no food vendors 
    • Competitors will be responsible for their own dog potty bags for cleanup. Trash cans with no lids will be provided. 
    • The front gate will be open at the beginning of each jump block and opened at the end. Competitors will be encouraged to bring gloves or use a potty bag to open/close gate if they must leave before a block time has ended. There will be hand sanitizer at the gate as well.
    • Competitors are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer, wipes, etc but there will be plenty provided in multiple locations




    CLICK HERE to view and download the NADD event waiver.

    CLICK HERE to view and download the NADD COVID-19 waiver.

    CLICK HERE to view and download The Brightside waiver. 


    ^each competitor is requested to print, fill out, and bring each form with them to the event. Please DO NOT e-mail! 








Blocks will be posted when available on the Brightside website --


Due to COVID-19, this event will not have our 'for fun finals' and has decided to postpone filming until the 2021 calendar year. 

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