NADD Hall of Fame

Each year on Sept 1st, NADD will open a form on this webpage that allows competitors to submit their dog for the current year NADD Hall of fame. They have until Sept 30th to complete their submissions. At that time a NADD representative will review all submissions and narrow down the list to approx. 10 candidates. Once we have approx. 10, a volunteer committee made up of NADD  workers, Facility personnel and a few competitor volunteers, will review and rank the submissions. Priority will be given on scoring from the categories listed below, and age of dog, years of competing with NADD, etc.

A dog should have a balance of the accomplishments in each of the following categories.

  • CAT A:
    • TOTAL JUMPS (Open or AR)- We would like to see at least 100 jumps with NADD in the life of the dog.
  • CAT B:
    • FIRSTS- What 1st has your dog accomplished. This can be by titles, breed, rankings, etc. Any NADD accomplishment that YOUR dog was the 1st to achieve.
  • CAT C:
    • MOSTS-Has your dog achieved the MOST in any given area in NADD? Most AR Senior? Most jumps by a specific breed? Etc.
  • CAT D:
      • What NADD achievements has your dog earned (National Championships, Top 10 finishes, Titles, etc).
      • What special events such as the National Championships has you dog attended? How many times?

If you are not sure as to your dog’s status in any of these categories, you may email NADD to ask about specific stats. Please give us any data that you have or assume you have so we can compare it against others.