2017 National Championship CAP System announced

We are excited to inform you of a change in the 2017 National Championship Finals competition format. Please go to our webpage (listed below) to see the full details. http://northamericadivingdogs.com/2017-naddakc-eukanuba-national-championship-criteria-and-requirements/

Rules Amendment as of 8/5/2106 For Air Retrieve

We have been made aware of of a mistake in our rules. In regards to Air Retreive and a handler being able to pass. You are allowed to pass at any distance, as many times as you wish EXCEPT at Qualifiers and in a Finals for AR. The intention of this rule is to avoid having an issue of a handler reaching the top of a division then passing and missing at the further distance to insure a win at the lower distance. In all other competitions, this is not a factor so passing is allowed. If a handler chooses […]

Best in Breed Invitations to Nationals

We are excited to announce that we will be inviting the Best in each Breed to the 2016 NADD/ AKC Eukanuba National Championships in Orlando this December. At the end of our season, (Nov 1st) we will rank each breed by average, with a minimum of 5 jumps to qualify (We will average a dogs Top 10 jumps overall). The highest ranking dog in each breed group that does not already hold an invitation will be invited. Please note, to be considered for a By-Breed ranking, your dog MUST be verified as the requested breed. If your dog does not have […]

Reduction of required jumps for Numeric identifier for Excellent titles in Splashes.

For those of you who have been working to improve your dog’s titles. We have some good news. NADD is reducing the number of Jumps it takes to get your Numeric Identifier for your Excellent titles in our Splashes. As of now, it states that: “ Once an Excellent title is achieved an additional 50 qualifying jumps (ex: 105th, 155th, etc) within a division will earn a numerical number after the X.  Example –  Dock Novice Excellent – DNX2, DNX3, etc.” As of today (July 2nd 2016) and retro actively…. this is changed to: “Once an Excellent title is achieved […]

2016 AKC/ NADD Eukanuba Championship

We are so excited to announce that Eukanuba has sponsored our Championship for 2016. You will see Eukanuba dock at most of our mobile dock Qualifiers throughout the year.  As our 2016 season gets ready to fully kick off there are are few announcements we want to make concerning the 2016 National Championship event. Dates: It looks like the dates for the years event will be Last Chance Qualifier Tue Dec 13th- Fri Dec 16th 2016 National Championships Sat Dec 17th 2017 Kick-off event Sun Dec 18th   There are some major changes to this year’s National Championships. 1) For 2016, […]

Breed Rankings and Individual Records

We’ve added a new page to the NADD website (www.NorthAmericaDivingDogs.com) which lists the Personal Best Qualifying score for every dog!  Take a few minutes to check it out, and appreciate the broad range of breeds who participate in the sport of dock diving.  The page is located at Results > Personal Best Jumps.  It is “live,” meaning as soon as a secretary enters in your Scores on the day of the show, the page is updated automatically. You can also SORT by Breed, if you’d like to see the top dog in each breed!  Check out the current #1 Bull […]

NADD/AKC National Championships Qualifier Information

We’ve added two new pages to the NADD website to help you earn an Invite to the 2016 National Championships, which will be held in Orlando Florida in December. Championship Qualfiers  – Lists all of the upcoming scheduled Qualifiers across the country, with additional information such as Scoring rules and how you can earn an Invite. Championships Invites – Lists all of the dogs who have earned Invites for the 2016 year, and also explains the Criteria to earn an Invite and additional information about what is required to accept your Invite to compete at the National Championships. To see […]

Air Retrieve and Vertical Rule Changes

As we continue to grow, we are aware that we will be needing to adjust our rules for various reasons, (safety,  competition flow, competition fairness, etc). We’d like to announce a major change to our Air Retrieve / Vertical rules. Each dog gets 2 chances at each distance/height until they have two misses at one distance/height or 3 overall misses, whichever occurs first. The handler/dog team will get two (2) attempts back to back to grab the bumper.  The team will be eliminated if they are unsuccessful at the (2) back to back attempts or one their 3rd overall miss, […]