Rules Updates

Reduction of required jumps for Numeric identifier for Excellent titles in Splashes.

For those of you who have been working to improve your dog’s titles. We have some good news. NADD is reducing the number of Jumps it takes to get your Numeric Identifier for your Excellent titles in our Splashes. As of now, it states that: “ Once an Excellent title is achieved an additional 50 qualifying jumps (ex: 105th, 155th, etc) within a division will earn a numerical number after the X.  Example –  Dock Novice Excellent – DNX2, DNX3, etc.” As of today (July 2nd 2016) and retro actively…. this is changed to: “Once an Excellent title is achieved […]

Air Retrieve and Vertical Rule Changes

As we continue to grow, we are aware that we will be needing to adjust our rules for various reasons, (safety,  competition flow, competition fairness, etc). We’d like to announce a major change to our Air Retrieve / Vertical rules. Each dog gets 2 chances at each distance/height until they have two misses at one distance/height or 3 overall misses, whichever occurs first. The handler/dog team will get two (2) attempts back to back to grab the bumper.  The team will be eliminated if they are unsuccessful at the (2) back to back attempts or one their 3rd overall miss, […]