Breed Rankings and Individual Records

PersonalBestsWe’ve added a new page to the NADD website ( which lists the Personal Best Qualifying score for every dog!  Take a few minutes to check it out, and appreciate the broad range of breeds who participate in the sport of dock diving.  The page is located at Results > Personal Best Jumps.  It is “live,” meaning as soon as a secretary enters in your Scores on the day of the show, the page is updated automatically.

You can also SORT by Breed, if you’d like to see the top dog in each breed!  Check out the current #1 Bull Terrier, with a Personal Best of 10’2″, named Catfish!  Think a Bulldog can’t swim?  Well check out our #1 Bulldog, Pink, who has busted out a 19’9″ record!  NADD’s #1 Mix is Prospect, with a 29’3″ on record…however he jumped a 30’6″ new World Record jump in the Finals at the National Championships.  It is not listed as his record because “Finals” jumps are non-Qualifying (non-Titling) jumps, therefore are not calculated here.

You’ll also notice we have two “types” of mixes listed: All-American and Other-Mixed.  The All-Americans are mixes that are registered with AKC under the Canine Partners program, as mixed breeds who are earning AKC Diving Dog titles.  The Other-Mixed category is for all other mixes.

If you are looking for your dog’s Personal Best jump, just sort by Name and you’ll find your dog in alphabetical order.

Check back often to watch for new dogs being added to the list, as we’ve got a BIG year ahead of us!  North America Diving Dogs is growing fast, and there is probably another Czechoslovakian Vlcak out there training hard to break Uzi’s record!