Steve Mize

2017 NADD/AKC Lap Dog verification

LAP Dog Verification NADD’s Goal: To assure competition in the Lap dog division is fair and equal. Per NADD Rules a Lap dog is any dog under 16” or less at the withers. If a dog is under the 16” mark they must compete as a Lap Dog. All dogs must be measured by the judge prior to jumping with a wicket to enter this class. The measurement is from the top point of the shoulder (withers) down to the ground while standing in its “natural stance”. At the age of 2 years or older all dogs must be measured for […]

Rules Amendment as of 8/5/2106 For Air Retrieve

We have been made aware of of a mistake in our rules. In regards to Air Retreive and a handler being able to pass. You are allowed to pass at any distance, as many times as you wish EXCEPT at Qualifiers and in a Finals for AR. The intention of this rule is to avoid having an issue of a handler reaching the top of a division then passing and missing at the further distance to insure a win at the lower distance. In all other competitions, this is not a factor so passing is allowed. If a handler chooses […]