2018 #KBCChallenge

We are very excited to announce a new competition for the 2018 season. The #KBCChallenge is designed to encourage people to get out and compete at various locations and to go and help grow new events. This competition will allow for each competitor to accumulate points throughout the year. The contest ends on October 15th. The competitor with the highest total points will receive the gift prize from KBC Kennels. In the event of a tie for the highest score all competitors involved in the tie will be put into a hat and a winner will be drawn.

For more info on KBC Kennels, please see KBC Kennels

The rules are as follows:

Points are based on each competitor that enters and participates in at least one Splash at each NADD event. Points are based on each competitor and it does not matter how many dogs or how many splashes they attend, the points are based on attendance for that one event.

  • Points are assigned on a graduated scale. (see scoring system below.)
    • Standard NADD event (Facility or Mobile dock)= 1 point
    • Any NADD Qualifier event= 2points
    • Any Specialty announced NADD event (NADD 2017 Championships, 2018 EPG,)= 3 points
    • Any 1st time event (1st NADD event at any NEW facility or location for Mobile dock)= 5 points
      • See list below. NADD may add or update this list as needed.
    • For a competitor to earn the assigned points for each event, they must take a picture of themselves and their dog with the provided flyer at that event. They must also post it to social media using the following hashtags (at minimum). #KBCChallenge #NADD
    • Competitors are responsible for tracking their own points. At the end of the season NADD will verify the points for the top finishers before announcing the winner. In September there will be several social media Posts in regards to the competition and current standings.

5 Point Events for 2018 (More may be added or updated at a later time)

Event- Month- Dock
Strawberry Cluster -Feb- South East
All American Columbus Pet Expo- Mar- North Central
PAWS Aquatics Water Sports- Mar- FACILITY
Rescue Dog Olympics- Mar- South East
24K Diving Dogs- Mar- FACILITY
Three Hounds Training Ground- Mar- FACILITY
Dog Iron Cluster- Mar- Midwest
Lab Retrieve Club- Apr- Midwest
Irish Water Spaniel Specialty- Apr- South East
Mountaineer Spring Classic- May- North East
Jersey Shore Cluster- May- North East
Newcastle Kennel Club- May- North Central
Tennessee Diving Dogs- June- FACILITY
World Dog Expo- June- North East
Oklahoma Summer Classic- June- Midwest
Lackawanna KC -July- North East
Friendship Cluster- Sept- North Central
RedRidge Pet Market- Sept- South East
N.A.D.M. Farms Canine Performance Events- TBD- FACILITY
Camelot K9 Academy- TBD- FACILITY
Bunk and Biscuit- TBD- FACILITY
K9 Manners & More- TBD- FACILITY
Prime K9 Training- TBD- FACILITY