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2024 NADD NorthWest Junior Handler Regional

August 23, 2024 - August 25, 2024 (Friday - Sunday)

Payment is required to pre-register for this event online.

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Malheur County Fairgrounds
1795 N.W. 9th Street
Ontario, OR 97914
  • This is an Outdoor Event
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  • Online registration closes 08/20/2024 at midnight (CDT).
  • Price per discipline for this event is $35.00 (USD) per dog.
  • A qualifier is required to register for this event as well as the required number of jumps for the qualifying discipline.
  • Payment is required to pre-register for this event online.

Event Contact Info

Contact Email Address:

Contact Phone: 9702164944

Event Notes


Welcome to your 2024 Northwest Youth Handler Regional Championship at Malheur County Fairgrounds in Ontario, OR.

 Youth Handlers may compete in both the Youth Handler event specific to their regional and in a regular regional splash for Distance Jumping. There is no option for Youth Handler invites for HD or AR only DJ. 
This event is for Jr. Handlers only - Please only choose 1 splash. 


Junior Handlers may compete in both the Junior Handler event specific to their regional and in a regular regional splash for Distance Jumping. There is no option for Junior Handler invites for HD or AR only DJ. 


Only the Junior Handler Regional events will count towards a juniors invite to the Junior Handler National Championship. Juniors must be handler of merit for the Junior handler event. If they also compete in the regular Regional event they will be competing with the adults for a spot in the National Championship.  



Junior Handlers must register in advance. There will be no day of registration accepted. Please be sure to be aware of which event you are registering for.


  1. If they register for the Junior Handler Regional Event, this means the handler will earn a qualifying spot towards the Junior Handler National Championship.
  2. If the Junior Handler registers for the regular distance jumping, they will be placed and potentially earn a qualifying spot towards the National Championship to compete in the regular DJ event.


Jr. Handlers can enter both the JR. Handler event AND the regular regionals event.


Check In

Junior handlers should check in with admin and let them know that they are the handler of merit for either the Junior Handler event or the Regional DJ event. It is important to verify this information to be sure that admin has the proper info to send National Championship invites to the junior handlers.


Competition and Scoring

The run order (for the Junior Handler event) will be posted on the Wednesday before the regional event. Junior Handlers (for the Junior Handler event) will jump during the break between the two regular Regional splashes that day. 


Junior handlers can have an additional handler on the dock, but they must be the handler of merit (throwing the toy). Junior Handlers follow the same rules as Dock Jumping.


Placement and Ribbons

For the Junior Handler Regional event, there are no placements. Each junior competing in the Junior Handler Regional event will receive a qualifier ribbon for their jump.


If Junior Handlers participate in the Regular Regional Event, they will be placed along with all other distance jump competitors for placements.


Qualifying for National Championship

In order to qualify for the Junior Handler National Championship, junior handlers MUST participate in the Junior Handler Regional event. All juniors who compete in the JH regional event will earn an invite towards the National Championship in Springfield, MO.


For the latest news from NADD on the Regional Championship go to the website or visit the NADD Mountain West Mobile Dock FB Group at


Once we have the registration process completed, we will be able to publish a finalized schedule.  


Tentatively, each day will have Hydrodash in the morning, Distance during the day, and Air Retrieve in the evening. Remember your distance splashes have to be done on the same day but your free to choose which days you want to compete in Hydrodash and/or Air Retrieve.


Please read before signing up!

Dock Rules

  • Thank you for understanding our no off-leash policy. (Except when on the dock)
  • Please pick up after your dogs. If you don’t follow this rule you will be asked to leave and NO refunds will be given. 
  • Please communicate all problems, all concerns, and issues you have with the staff,  or any of the handlers and their dogs immediately as they occur, we want to address problems in real time to solve it during the event. There is no way to correct it after the event is over. So please!!! do not hesitate to talk to us! We want you to have the best possible experience at our event.
  • The most important rule! Please have fun with your dog!
Be sure to review the 2024 NADD RULES. Link
If you would like to be a vendor at the NW Regional Championship contact us at


Friday, Aug 23, 2024
  • 12:00 pm: Splash #1 (Distance Jump)

Saturday, Aug 24, 2024
  • 12:00 pm: Splash #2 (Distance Jump)

Sunday, Aug 25, 2024
  • 12:00 pm: Splash #3 (Distance Jump)

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