Breed Rankings Report

Breed rankings for Hydro Dash are based on the season average, which is the average of each dog's top 5 Hydro Dash scores in the 2020 season. Dogs must have at least 5 Hydro Dash scores in 2020 to be ranked. (V) indicates a registered dog's breed has been verified. Only the highest ranked dog that has been verified in each breed will earn an invite.

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2020 Hydro Dash Rankings for Miniature American Shepherd (8)

Rank NADD ID Call Name Qualifiers Breed Owner Class Jumps Season Average
1 15311 Crusher Min AM Shepherd (V) Angela Meeler Lap 5 22.344
10127 Sheriff Min AM Shepherd (V) Lily Martinez Open 4 22.604
2 5709 Reveille Min AM Shepherd (V) Steve Mize Lap 7 22.970
8869 Max Min AM Shepherd (V) Tami Linnerud Lap 1 23.523
19233 Camille Min AM Shepherd (V) Deborah Vassar Open 1 24.472
15257 Harry Potter Min AM Shepherd (V) Gloria Owler Lap 2 24.957
3 14007 Kody Min AM Shepherd (V) Sharon Flemetis Open 5 27.770
4 7844 Hank Min AM Shepherd (V) Jennifer Young Lap 5 32.961
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