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Posted on October 06, 2021

‼Help Wanted‼

It takes a village of NADDICTS to run an event of this size!


Click HERE to volunteer 


Choose the day, shift and job you would like to volunteer for.

There are multiple people needed for each job and you can volunteer as much as you would like to.

Please only add YOUR name and phone number in the appropriate field.
The sign up is easier to negotiate on a computer rather than a phone or tablet.

There is a separate sheet for EACH DAY.
Scroll through right and left to see all the columns.
Do NOT remove anyone else's name
Do NOT attempt to alter or delete any part of the form

We will be adding all volunteer names to our daily volunteer drawing (1 entry per job/time slot, i.e. if you work boards for 2 time slots you get 2 raffle entries)

THANK YOU for volunteering and your cooperation!

Click here to sign up!

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