2019 Hydro Dash Fun Run Rules


Hydro-Dash Fun Run Standards & Rules
For the 2019, NADD is offering its new Speed Based game, Hydro Dash as a Fun Run at participating facilities. We are calling this a Fun Run because for the 2019 season it will NOT count toward titles or rankings. We are using this season as a test season to finalize the rules and to set the divisions based on actual scores, not some randomly picked number.
If a facility or mobile dock is offering HD, it will be listed on the Event Description on the webpage. All registration for HD is ONSITE. Cost for each splash is $10.


  • Dock: Must have the ability to have clear mark either on both sides of dock or on the turf a clear visible 10ft line (7ft for Lap)


  • Pool: The judge must have an unobstructed path to move during a run. The judge must be able to clearly see the pool end of the dock.
    Rig: The rig must be able to hang any toy that meets the requirements, to a point in the center line of the pool at the 37ft line. They toy requirements are:
    • The toy must be able to hang by 2 straps on the clips as the rig is set. The rigs will be set using the Nerf AR toy. If a competition wishes to use their own toy it must have the same length straps and be able to be clipped accordingly. It is the handlers responsibility to be sure their toy will work on the rig without any changes to the rig.
    • The toy must hang approx. one inch above the surface of the water. It should be hung with the same clips that are used for AR. The ropes should be no longer than 12 inches. The rig should easily swing in and out for easy loading of the toy.
  • Game set up: The game will run as follows:
    • During each run, a dog gets 2 turns back to back.
    • The handler will set the dog up and the dog’s back feet must be in front of the 10ft line (7ft for Lap).
    • Once the toy is position and ready, the judge will say, “On your release”. This will start the 45 second clock for the handler to get their dog set and released. If a dog does not make an attempt within the allotted time, that run will be a TIME OUT. And they will be immediately reset for the next attempt (or it will end their turn if this was the 2nd attempt)
    • The handler will then release their dog when ready.
    • The judge will start the timer at the exact moment, in their opinion, that the dogs last foot leaves the surface of the dock.
    • The dog will then swim to the toy. The dog must make the toy release completely. A dog is not required to bring the toy back.
    • Once they have released the toy, the dog will swim back to the ramp. The judge should be standing at the 10ft jump line on the measurement banners. They will stop the time at the exact time the dogs nose crosses the plane of the 10ft line.
    • The official time should be written as XX.xxx seconds. We will NOT use phones, watches or any other timing devises other than a stopwatch. The stop watch must give 3 digits of seconds or 1/1000 of a second.
    • After the 1st run, the toy gets replaced and the dog gets reset and repeats entire process. (At some point later in the season, we may try a round Robin type running order, but not at first.)


  • Using the RAMP Option: We are testing the option for NEW dogs to use the ramp for this competition.
    • The ramp is ONLY For dogs NOT currently jumping in competition.
    • They will start on the platform, if your platform is longer than 10ft, you will have to mark the 10ft line.
    • The judge will give the same command of “on your release".
    • Time will begin when the first foot of the dog touches down PAST the break between the platform and the start of the ramp, regardless if the dog continues it movement to the toy or not.
  • Timing Out: At this time, no dog should take longer than 60 seconds, so that is the TIMED-OUT time. (If in the first few months we see a large number of timed-out runs, we may adjust.)
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