Titles Earned

Dogs that have earned at least one title in a particular division are listed below. The title shown is the dog's highest title achieved in each division. To view a list of all the titles a dog has earned, click on that dog's name for more information.

NADD ID Call Name Breed Owner Total Jumps Title
17962 Archer Great Dane Kayla Baxter 5 DS
7498 Baby Face Great Dane Sarah Hughes 19 DS
10225 Bleu Great Dane Kenzie Bennett 26 DS
15982 Carlyle Great Dane Cindy Andazola 16 DS
17688 Dazzle Great Dane Ashley Gandees 9 DS
8097 Emmee Great Dane Cathy Hadley 20 DS
11896 Ghost Great Dane Cary St. Charles 39 DSA
5078 Gibson Great Dane Michele Taylor 6 DS
13112 Glacier Great Dane Sheri Hluhan 85 DSX2
16239 Hudson Great Dane Lisa Gritt 104 DSX2
14703 Lynx Great Dane Jessica Gibbs 35 DSA
24848 Maya Great Dane Macy Van Cleave 37 DSA
13392 Millie Great Dane April Whitson 19 DS
14824 Phoenix Great Dane Megan Beaudry 14 DS
3784 Ranger Great Dane Leslie Bokemeyer 12 DS
27753 Remmy Great Dane Ashley Gandees 15 DS
9242 Sadie Great Dane Leslie Bokemeyer 65 DSX
1458 Shooter Great Dane Stacey Stephens 5 DS
22621 Summit Great Dane Kenzie Bennett 11 DS
10794 Texas Great Dane Shymese Zerbi 7 DS
14702 Tivoli Great Dane Jessica Gibbs 27 DS
17696 Trixie Great Dane Traci Rinoldo 66 DSX
19894 Vinny Great Dane Ashley Gandees 8 DS
16941 Yukon Great Dane Kenzie Bennett 6 DS
3242 Ziva Great Dane Laura Ganske 39 DSA
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