Titles Earned

Dogs that have earned at least one title in a particular division are listed below. The title shown is the dog's highest title achieved in each division. To view a list of all the titles a dog has earned, click on that dog's name for more information.

NADD ID Call Name Breed Owner Total Jumps Title
25500 Ace Beauceron Nellie Bird 16 DS
9781 AnyaToo Beauceron Beverly Morean 9 DSQ18
13429 Atlas Beauceron Ashley De Noma 21 DS
11227 Chronos Xerxes Beauceron Casey Nowtash 5 DS
27618 Cipher Beauceron Heather Werner 5 DS
4608 Genny Beauceron Beverly Morean 16 DSQ18
1694 Harbin Beauceron Paige Johnson 15 DS
11238 Khaleesi Beauceron Elizabeth Modlin 5 DS
17853 Lundi Beauceron Kelley Norred 79 DSX
13840 Marek Beauceron Quinn Amorine 11 DS
11290 Mater Beauceron Kim Bissing 11 DS
6679 Mavis Beauceron Kathleen Gilligan 30 DSA
5768 Merlin Beauceron Carol Larimer 6 DS
11665 Nosferatu Beauceron Lori Dillon 61 DSX
11080 Nuit Beauceron Cristina Maxwell 10 DS
21865 Pavo Beauceron Erica Borman 57 DSX
14357 Quila Beauceron Whitney Miller 33 DSA
21987 Ragnar Beauceron Elizabeth Flener 5 DS
20770 Rowan Beauceron Caitlin Bailey 27 DS
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