Titles Earned

Dogs that have earned at least one title in a particular division are listed below. The title shown is the dog's highest title achieved in each division. To view a list of all the titles a dog has earned, click on that dog's name for more information.

NADD ID Call Name Breed Owner Total Jumps Title
1798 Arran Weimaraner Sheila Cook 7 DM
10080 Baloo Weimaraner Kurt Dallman 28 DM
1442 Beezer Weimaraner Robert Buchhofer 12 DM
4595 Brego Weimaraner Sheila Cook 10 DM
4452 Buck Weimaraner Dan Stallings 9 DM
16098 Cooper Weimaraner Angie Schrock 5 DM
16342 Duke Weimaraner JaNae Forshee 45 DMA
19312 Finn Weimaraner Randi Kohl 6 DM
2577 Gimlet Weimaraner Nancy Grimm 129 DMX3
19078 Isaac Weimaraner Ashley Mucci 5 DM
15441 Kalani Kai Weimaraner Dionne Lenaghan 23 DM
20757 Layla Weimaraner Kathryn Murphy 45 DMA
12184 Ocean Weimaraner Janet Valentovich 6 DM
13519 Stormy Weimaraner Teri Kinser 14 DM
21531 Tazer Weimaraner Holly McKnight 9 DM
17791 Thorin Weimaraner Sheila Cook 14 DM
21832 Vivian Weimaraner Carol Easterley 38 DMA
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