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2021 Northeast Regional

September 10, 2021 - September 12, 2021 (Friday - Sunday)

An invite is required for this event.

Invite-only registration for this event will begin on 08/07/2021 at 01:00 pm (CDT).

Payment is required to pre-register for this event online.

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138 Bush Hill RD
Willimantic, CT 06226
  • This is an Outdoor Event
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  • Online registration begins on 08/07/2021 at 01:00 pm (CDT) and closes 09/07/2021 at midnight (CDT).
  • An invite is required to attend this event. Registration instructions will be sent via email.
  • Price per splash for this event is $65.00 (USD) per dog.
  • Payment is required to pre-register for this event online.

Event Contact Info

Contact Email Address:

Event Notes

  • A NADD Registration Number is required to enter, purchase here for $35.00.
  • Splashes include up to four minutes on the dock for one optional practice jump and two judged jumps. You must inform the judge prior to your jump if you want it to be considered a "practice jump".
  • This event is being run by a NADD mobile dock. Info on parking and other event site info can be found on the event description or on our social media page.
  • The jump order is set by a posted running order. Each splash closes 30 minutes prior to start time. Failure to be present at the beginning of the splash can result if the forfeiture of jumping in that splash.
  • Each distance jumping Splash allows 2 judged jumps, back to back. The longest jump of them will be your Qualifying Score.
  • You can earn a Diving Dog Title at this event. You must have five Qualifying Scores within a Division. NADD titles are recognized by the AKC and CKC through their recognition programs. View their applications here (AKC) and here (CKC).
  • Please read the official NADD Rules before you attend the Trial.


This event's schedule has not been completed yet.

Other Notes

The event is being held at a private house. Please make sure you pick up after your dog. We will not be allowing RV's if you need a place to camp please reach out to me at, I am allowing some to camp at the facility which is not that far away. 

I know this is not the ideal place for some but this is what we have due to the covid times.

Porta potties and wash stations will be available.

The actual address of the event is 138 Bush Hill Rd Willimantic CT 

More info to come as we get closer.


Rosemont Suites 860-889-2671

Captains Grants  860-887-7589

comfort Suites 860-892-9292

There are more in Manchester, ct

Camp grounds

Brialee Family Campground 860-429-8359

waters edge 860-642-7470

highland camp 860-423-5684

lake williams camp 860-908-1842

As with everything in 2020, nothing is certain, except that we all want to play with our dogs.  So, we will be adhering to current COVID requirements and restrictions.  An updated COVID Plan for the event will be sent via email at least one week prior to the event start.  You can expect masks, sanitizer, and social distancing rules.  Please understand that compliance with our COVID plan is what allows us to hold these events, and that sense of normalcy is precious. 

Once we have the registration process completed, we will be able to publish a finalized schedule.  Tentatively, each day will have Hydrodash in the morning, Distance during the day, and Air Retrieve in the evening

You need an invite to attend this event.
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