NADD Partner Links

We will be sharing some of our favorite products that we think you may enjoy or have a need for.


ClotIt: We have all had that issue with either cutting our dog’s nails a bit short or having a sudden scratch or injury. ClotIt is the perfect tool to have in your dog travel kit to help stop the bleeding fast.  View their website for more info.




CarPET: This is an amazing hair remover you can use in your car, you house or anywhere else your dogs may shed. Check out their website for more info.






  We are glad to announce a partnership with Red Roof Inn. They offer great value and FREE pets at their hotels all across the country. To take advantage of the 15% discount, go to this webpage for more info and the details.





Earth Vet
Earth Vet formulas are the pet industry’s first bone broth superfood protein based products that are combined with other proven natural superfood ingredients with a long list of nutritional benefits.
XDog Vest
Fitness and weight vest designed for dogs to help improve overall cardiovascular health.
Nutritional health and performance formulas for sport and working dogs.