NADD Sanctioned Facility Requirements

What is required to hold a NADD trial?

Pool:  The pool of water for dock jumping must be at least 4 feet deep.  The dimensions of the pool must be at least 17’ x 41’.  The water must be clean, clear water, no debris or algae.  The pool must have a safe ramp or steps for the dog to exit the water.

Dock:  The dock must be of sturdy and well construction.  The dock must be 38 – 40 feet long by 8 feet wide.  The dock must have a barrier around it to prevent dogs from jumping off the dock to the ground.  The surface has to be non-slip and have good traction for the handler/dog. Recommendations are: astro turf, outdoor no-slip carpeting, rubber-like or an approved surface that is non-slip when wet. The dock must sit 2 feet off the surface of the water.

You must provide a copy of your insurance.

All pools must have a measuring banner on both sides of the pool.  It shall have the numerical number for feet and slashes every 3” increments.

Two – NADD banners and Two – AKC banners must be displayed on the dock.  These banners must be at least 4′ x 4′.  Also the banner below the dock must be 2′ x 8′ with the AKC logo at one corner and the NADD logo in the other corner.  Your facility name and/or logo can be in the middle of the banner.  The facility must also award a strip ribbon to all handler/dog teams that has a qualifying jump and a rosette ribbon for a title.

Judging is manual eyeball judging with one or two judges or a camera system if your facility has one. NADD will also help to train judges in your area.  Judges that are certified with other organizations are grandfathered to judge NADD trials.

The facility has total control of the trial. NADD will take your on-line entries and have all your paperwork ready for your trial.  The only thing you have to do is your day of show entries.   NADD will keep track of every jump and send a certificate of titles to all dogs that earn a title.


NADD will always try to give each premier Facility an approx 100 mile radius from other NADD facilities. Consideration in metropolitan areas vs Rural areas will be taken.


If you are interested in becoming a NADD facility please complete fill out the questionnaire below.

Existing & New Facility Questionnaire