2017 NADD/AKC Eukanuba National Championship criteria and requirements

AKC National Championship – Royal CaninPlanning on attending the 2017 NADD/AKC Eukanuba National Championships in Orlando, Florida on December 16th & 17th?

Here is a link from AKC regarding motels, parking, tickets, etc.   AKC National Championship – Royal Canin

Here is everything you need to know:

The 2017 NADD Competition Year will run from Nov 1st, 2016 until Oct 15th, 2017. At midnight on Oct 15th, 2017, all scores are frozen.

ALL dogs that receive invites will be required to have completed:

OPEN (Including Lap & Veteran):  at least 10 jumps throughout the competition year.
AIR RETRIEVE: at least 5 jumps throughout the competition year.
Each dog that earns an invite based on the criteria below MUST have the minimum listed competition jumps (10 Open or 5 Air Retrieve) throughout the 2017 year. If a dog does not have the required jumps for 2017 by midnight of Oct 15th 2017, any earned invite will be forfeited.
All invites will be sent out on Oct 18th, 2017. Each invitee will have until Nov 3rd, 2017 to accept.

Criteria for Earning an Invite:

There are several ways to earn an Invite:

  1. 2016 National Championships 1st-3rd place finishers in each division will receive an invite
  2. 2017 Qualifying events
    1. OPEN: 3 Invites will be awarded in each Open & Lap division at each qualifying event. Starting 2017, ALL qualifier events will be by-average. Invites will be awarded based on:
      • Minimum 3 splashes at the event
      • Overall average of ALL splashes
      • Top 3 dogs in EACH open division by average will receive an invite.
      • Each Qualifier that offers AR will list a day that will serve as the qualifier for AR.
      • The TOP dog in the Senior, Master and Elite AR divisions that day will earn an invite.
  3. By Title: Earn an Advanced or Excellent title in the current year. This applies to BOTH Open and AR, individually.
  4. By Breed:  The best of each verified breed in the 2017 season will earn an invite. (Average of the top 5 scores of current year. This applies to OPEN jumps only. This does not include AR.
  5. By Rankings: Top 10 placement in overall NADD Rankings in each division will earn an invite. This is based on an average of your top 5 scores of current year.

Please note: If a dog earns an invite in a division either higher or lower than their end of year average, NADD reserves the right to move them either up or down for the Championships. We will inform any owners of these changes well in advance of the actual event.


These requirements are for all dogs:

  • An invite is to the dog. It is not handler or owner-specific.
  • The division that the dog will compete in at the National Championships will be based on the dog’s average for the current year, as calculated by NADD’s calendar (November 1, 2016 – October 15, 2017).
  • To accept an invite (see above criteria for each type of invite) and enter the NADD/AKC/Eukanuba National Championships, a dog must have jumped the required number of splashes (listed above) for each type of invite during the current year.  Acceptance and entry information will be available Oct 2017.



Competition Format: We would like to inform you of a change in the 2017 National Championship Finals competition format.

Divisional CAP System

NADD’s Goal: Minimize competitors that are intentionally jumping their dogs in a lower division (i.e. sandbagging). The CAP System will allow for each division to be expanded for the Finals Only.

      1. We will still use the Plus-1 system that we put in place last year. This means that during each division’s Finals, each dog will get 2 jumps to get the best score possible. Once ALL the dogs in that division have completed their 2 jumps, we will take the TOP 10 Dogs by score. These Top 10 dogs will get to take a Plus-1 jump. This is one more jump that gives them  chance to improve their scores. The Final rankings for each division will be based on the BEST score of the 3 scores from each dog.
      2. This year we are installing a divisional CAP system. For each division there will be a CAP to prevent dogs from jumping way over their assigned division. As we are well aware that in a Championships, we all want our dogs to have their best jumps, the CAP will allow for each division to be expanded for the Finals Only. The expanded divisions are listed below. IF a dog jumps out of the expanded division, on any of the jumps, (this includes the Plus-1), their entire score card will be moved up to the appropriate division. IF the dogs scores allow it to compete for the Top 10 in the upper division, then the dogs scores will be calculated within that division and they will be ranked accordingly. A competitor has the right to move their dog up a division if they feel they will be jumping better than their assigned division.

    Open and Veteran division Caps will be 18 inches:
    Novice Division – up to 11’5”
    Junior Division – up to 16’5”
    Senior Division – up to 21’5”
    Master Division – up to 25’5”
    Elite Division –  Cap not applicable

    Lap division Caps will be 12 inches:
    Novice Division – up to 5’11”
    Junior Division – up to 9’11”
    Senior Division – up to 13’11”
    Master Division – up to 18’11”
    Elite Division –  Cap not applicable

  1. AR Cap System: The same CAP system will be used in AR, it will be 1 foot.


LAP Dog Verification

NADD’s Goal: To assure competition in the Lap dog division is fair and equal. Per NADD Rules a Lap dog is any dog under 16” or less at the withers. If a dog is under the 16” mark they must compete as a Lap Dog. All dogs must be measured by the judge prior to jumping with a wicket to enter this class. The measurement is from the top point of the shoulder (withers) down to the ground while standing in its “natural stance”. At the age of 2 years or older all dogs must be measured for a final height.

      1. At the 2017 NADD/ AKC National Championships ALL Lap dog MUST be measured and verified ad Lap. If a dog is 16 inches or over, they will still be allowed to compete in the Championships, but they will be moved to the appropriate Open division by their yearly average.
      2. Lap Dog measuring will take place at the Admin area of NADD and will be open from Tuesday Dec 12th and will close Friday night at 8pm on Dec 15th. This is done to give any dog that may need to be moved UP to Open an chance to compete on Saturday.  NADD will have a measuring station with AKC approved wickets set up for measuring.  If your dog currently has a height card from AKC Agility, that height will be recognized and your dog will not have to be measured. You must present the card in order for the height to be recorded.
      3. Starting with the 2018 season ALL lap dogs must be verified by NADD in order to compete in the Lap Division.