2017 NADD/AKC Eukanuba National Championship criteria and requirements

Planning on attending the 2017 NADD/AKC Eukanuba National Championships in Florida in December?

Here is everything you need to know:

The 2017 NADD Competition Year will run from Nov 1st 2016 until Oct 15th 2017. At midnight on Oct 15th, 2017, all scores are frozen.

At this time, all the scores and qualifying legs will be frozen.  ALL dogs will be required to have completed at least 10 jumps through the competition year.  Whether they earn an invite by any of the following methods, every dog MUST have a minimum of 10 competition jumps throughout the 2017 year in order to keep an earned invite. If a dog does not have 10 jumps for 2017 by midnight of Oct 15th 2017, any earned invite will be forfeited.

  • at the 2016 Championships (1st-3rd),

  • by earning an Advanced or Excellent title,

  • or at a qualifier

All invites will be sent out on Oct 16th 2017. Each invitee will have until Nov 3rd 2017 to accept.


There are several ways to earn an Invite:

  1. 2016 National Championships 1st-3rd places
  2. 2017 Qualifying events (3 Invites will be awarded in each Division at each Qualifying event. Starting 2017, ALL Qualifier events will be a by Average event)
    1. Qualifier by Average:
      1. Minimum 3 Splashes at the event
      2. Overall average of ALL jumps
      3. Top 3 dogs in EACH division by that average will receive the invite.
    2. By Title: Earn an Advanced or Excellent title in the current year
  3. By Breed:  The Best of each verified breed will earn an invite. (Average of your top 5 scores of current year)
  4. By Rankings: Top 10 placement in overall NADD Rankings in each Division (Average of your top 5 scores of current year)

Please note: If a dog earns an invite in a division either higher or lower than their end of year average, NADD reserves the right to move them either up or down for the Championships. We will inform any owners of these changes well in advance of the actual event.


These requirements are for all dogs:

  • An Invite is to the Dog, it is not handler or owner-specific.
  • The Division that the Dog will compete in at the National Championships will be based on the Dog’s Average for the current year, as calculated by NADD’s calendar (November 1, 2016 – October 15, 2017).
  • To accept an Invite (see above criteria for each type of invite) and enter the NADD/AKC/Eukanuba National Championships, a Dog must have completed the required 10 splashes for each type of invite during the current year.  Acceptance and Entry information will be available Oct 2017.