Monthly Archives: July 2016

Best in Breed Invitations to Nationals

We are excited to announce that we will be inviting the Best in each Breed to the 2016 NADD/ AKC Eukanuba National Championships in Orlando this December. At the end of our season, (Nov 1st) we will rank each breed by average, with a minimum of 5 jumps to qualify (We will average a dogs Top 10 jumps overall). The highest ranking dog in each breed group that does not already hold an invitation will be invited. Please note, to be considered for a By-Breed ranking, your dog MUST be verified as the requested breed. If your dog does not have […]

Reduction of required jumps for Numeric identifier for Excellent titles in Splashes.

For those of you who have been working to improve your dog’s titles. We have some good news. NADD is reducing the number of Jumps it takes to get your Numeric Identifier for your Excellent titles in our Splashes. As of now, it states that: “ Once an Excellent title is achieved an additional 50 qualifying jumps (ex: 105th, 155th, etc) within a division will earn a numerical number after the X.  Example –  Dock Novice Excellent – DNX2, DNX3, etc.” As of today (July 2nd 2016) and retro actively…. this is changed to: “Once an Excellent title is achieved […]